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Fairline, More than Skin Deep Fairline, More than Skin Deep
Diverse Authors: 2000 Fairline Boats 2000, hardcover with dustjacket 153 pages. History and craftmanship of Fairline and her yachts of the Targa Range, Phantom Range and Squadron Range in detail, with photos and plans. In very good...
€35.00 *
Sailing, Seamanship and Yacht construction Sailing, Seamanship and Yacht construction
Fox, U: 1981 UK, hardcover 271 pages, With photos, plans, designs and illustration. In good condition
€19.50 * €39.50 *
The Wind Barrier The Wind Barrier
The extraoridnary epic of L'Hydroptere
Thebault, Alain: 2008 Paris, hardcover 184 pages, illustrated. Design, construction and sailing in this very special sailboat ISBN 9782732439273 In very good condition
€65.00 *
Om Batar och Batsegling Om Batar och Batsegling
Smith, Carl: 1972 Stockholm, softcover 112 pages. Reprint of the 1873 edition, illustrated by Jacob Hagg. About pleasure sailing and the boats. In good condition. ISBN 9171200169 Swedish language. Small publication
€20.00 *
America's Cup 1851-1983 America's Cup 1851-1983
Ratti, F. en R. Villarosa: 1984 Unieboek Weesp, hardcover with dustjacket 200 blz., met vele foto's. Geschiedenis van de America Cup ISBN 9022818675 In goede staat. Nederlandse taal
€16.50 *
Cruising under Sail Cruising under Sail
Hiscock, Eric C.: 1958 thirth edition, hardcover with dustjacket 480 pages, with photographs and illustrations. All aspects of cruising under sail. Book in good condition.
€7.50 * €19.50 *
Classic Sails Classic Sails
The Ratsey and Lapthorn Story
Collier, W: 1998 UK Ratsey and Lapthorn, hardcover with dustjacket 138 pages, with many photos. Leading Sailmaker for classic sailboats. ISBN 0953460304 In very good condition
€45.00 *
The World of Yachting 1979-80 The World of Yachting 1979-80
Page, F: 1980 Messine Paris, hardcover with dustjacket 232 pages, with many photos. ISBN 2864090066 In good condition
€15.00 *
Ocean Racing and Offshore Yachts Ocean Racing and Offshore Yachts
Johnson, P: 1972 UK, hardcover, no dustjacket 318 pages, illustrated. About offshore racing and the sailyachts. In good condition
€25.00 *
Singlehanding Singlehanding
A Sailors Guide
Meisel, T: 1987 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 192 pages, illustrated. The guide for singlehanding sailors 0091726506 In very good condition
€24.50 *
Little Ships and Shoal Waters Little Ships and Shoal Waters
Designing, building and sailing, shoal draught cruising yachts.... with a...
Griffiths, M: 1972 Conway Maritime Press, hardcover with dustwrap 189 Blz..Algemene principes van jachtbouw, daarnaast de anatomie en beschrijving van een 22-tal jachten. In het 3e gedeelte het verslag van 2 reizen. ISBN 851770568 In...
€32.50 *
Wood, Water & Light Classic Wooden Boats Wood, Water & Light Classic Wooden Boats
White, J: 1988 New York-London Norton, hardcover with dustjacket 177 pages. 25 wooden sail and motorships and their design. ISBN 0393033279 In very good condition
€22.50 *
Outward Bound Sailing Handbook Outward Bound Sailing Handbook
Balcombe, M: 1995 UK, softcover 154 pages, illustrated. All aspects for outward bound sailing. ISBN 9780706373615 In good condition
€12.50 *
Enterprise to Endeavour Enterprise to Endeavour
The J-Class Yachts (fourth edition)
Dear, Ian: 2004 London Adlard Coles, softcover 160 blz.. Geschiedenis van deze zeiler, met vele foto's. ISBN 9780713669053 Trefwoorden, watersport, j-klasse. In zeer goede staat.
€19.50 *
Salt-Water Palaces Salt-Water Palaces
Drummond, Maldwin: 1979 UK, bound with dustwrap 140 pages. De jachten van de gefortuneerden en adel tussen 1840 en 1914. Met veel foto's en register van schepen 0670616362 Trefwoorden yachting, luxe jachten. In goede staat
€16.50 *
Colin Archer and the Seaworthy Double-Ender Colin Archer and the Seaworthy Double-Ender
Leather, J: 1995 UK, softcover 174 pages. About this design in all her variaties, with anatomy drawings ISBN 0540071838 In very good condition
€45.00 *
Catalogus Friedrich Pirsch Qualitatsbooten Catalogus Friedrich Pirsch Qualitatsbooten
Friedrich Pirsch Bootswerft: 1938 Berlin, softcover 56 pages, with photos of the factory and photos of Olympic winners and users of Pirsch rowingboats. German language. In good condition
€75.00 *
Reaching Beyond Reaching Beyond
The Ultimate Ocean Race
Diverse authors: 1994 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 160 pages. Race for the Heineken Trophy. Photobook with text. ISBN 185613895x In very good condition
€17.50 *
Sailing Boats Sailing Boats
Fox, Uffa: 1962 UK, hardcover, no dustjacket 204 pages, with photo's and plans of Sailing Boats. 17 types of Sailing Boats. In good condition
€14.50 *
Great Yachts and their Designers Great Yachts and their Designers
Eastland, J: 1987 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 256 pages, with photos and index. Large book. ISBN 9780229118205 In very good condition
€17.50 *
L'annee Bateaux 1980-81 L'annee Bateaux 1980-81
Collectif: 1980 Paris, hardcover with dustjacket 238 pages, with many photos. Yearbook. ISBN 286409004x In good condition. French language
€25.00 *
Pierre Fehlmanns Challenge Pierre Fehlmanns Challenge
Whitbread Round The World Race 1993-94
Borlenghi, C. and H. Bernhard: 1994 Italy, hardcover with dustjacket 212 pages. Photobook of the race with text and results. In very good condition
€25.00 *
Princess V-Class 2009 Princess V-Class 2009
Princess: 2009 UK, hardcover 128 pages. The Princess V-Class and her variants, with many photos, illustrations, plans and text. Luxueus Publication. In very good condition
€25.00 *
The King's Master The King's Master
Dixon, D: 1948 UK, hardcover 320 pages, illustrated. Life of Philip Hunloke and the history of yachting. In fair condition
€15.00 *
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