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The Making of Patriot The Making of Patriot
Grosvenor, M: 2003 USA, softcover, 80 pages, illustrated with photos and illustrations. The design and making of this adventure-explorer yacht. In very good condition
€85.00 *
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Double Haven Double Haven
Finger, H.: 1994 Kingport Company, Hong Kong, hardcover 219 pages. Book about the building of this Feadship Yacht, with many photos and detailed information ISBN 9627960012 In very good condition
€65.00 *
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The Big Boat Bible | Webshop The Big Boat Bible
The definitive resource for Super yacht owners, buyers, sellers and Captains
Friese, D: 2010 USA, hardcover with dust jacket, 248 pages, illustrated ISBN 9780984270118 In very good condition
€24.50 *
Brochure Ocean Going Motoryacht Mathilde, Shipyards Nicolaas Witsen | Webshop Brochure Ocean Going Motoryacht Mathilda,...
131 Motoryacht Mathilda
No Author: 1963 Nicolaas Witsen, softcover 4 pages, including front and back cover. With photo's of the ship and the Yard, and deck plan. Also all the specifications and details of the ship. The boat that sank in a storm, due to water...
€65.00 *
Feadship Pilot 2020 | Webshop Feadship Pilot 2020
Feadship: 2020 Aalsmeer, softcover, 124 blz., with news and articles of Feadship, with many photos and information of built super yachts. In very good condition
€27.50 *
Megayacht Wisdom II | Webshop Megayacht Wisdom II
The handbook for yacht ownership
Haack, B and D. Hoogs: 2004 USA, hardcover with dust jacket, 248 pages, illustrated. The knowledge of all the aspects for owning a Megayacht. Design, maintenance, economical use, crew, planning etc. ISBN 9780973582543 In very good condition
€140.00 *
Sea Cloud, a living legend | Webshop Sea Cloud, a living legend
Grobecker, K. and P. Neumann: Hamburg 1998, hardcover with dust jacket, 175 pages, with many photos. History of this four mast private sailing yacht from 1935, ex. Hussar ISBN 3884122541 In very good condition
€24.50 *
Koninklijke De Vries Scheepsbouw 100 jaar | Webshop Koninklijke De Vries Scheepsbouw 100 jaar
Vries, B. de e.a.: 2007 hardcover, semi-leather 263 blz., geschiedenis en overzicht van de gebouwde schepen. Rijk geillustreerd. ISBN 9789081141024 In zeer goede staat
€35.00 *
The World's Most Extraordinary Yachts | Webshop The World's Most Extraordinary Yachts
Bobrow, J and D. Jinkins: 1986 New York, first edition 222 pages, full-color. About 60 Motor or Sailing yachts in pictures and text. ISBN 0961171219 in very good condition
€24.50 *
The Luxury Yacht | Webshop The Luxury Yacht
From Steam to Diesel
Crabtree, R: 1973 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 208, with photos and index. History of the Luxury yacht in the USA and UK. ISBN 071536023x In good condition
€17.50 *
Refit, volume seven 2006 | Webshop Refit, volume seven 2006
Pelly, D: 2005 Boat International UK, hardcover with dustjacket 180 pages, with many photos. The refit of Super yachts in detail. Yearly book with the refits of last year, ISBN 1898524866 In very good condition
€39.50 *
Maestro 82 Apreamare Yacht Maestro 82 Apreamare Yacht
Collective: 2008 Ferretti Italy, hardcover 36 pages. Photobook of this Italian made superyacht, with all specifications of the yacht. In very good condition
€35.00 *
Ferretti Collection 2008 | Webshop Ferretti Collection 2008
Collective: Ferretti 2008, hardcover 212 pages. Photobook of all models and types of Ferretti yachts. With specifications. Cover has some spots. Book itself in very good condition
€55.00 *
Catalogus Ferretti Yachts 2012 | Webshop Catalogus Ferretti Yachts 2012
Collective: 2012 Ferretti Italy, hardcover 126 pages, with many photos of all Ferretti ships in the collection. Photos of the interior boats, their interior, plans and specifications. Luxes. In very good condition
€55.00 *
Amels 212 Limited Editions Amels 212 Limited Editions
Collective: Amels Vlissingen. No date. Large Promotional book for the Amels 212 Superyacht, of 65 meters. Hardcover, 42 glossy pages, with photos of the details of the ship and design plans. In very good condition
€55.00 *
Royal Huisman Shipyard edition 2 Royal Huisman Shipyard edition 2
Royal Huisman: Vollenhoven 1995, softcover 54 pages, with many photos, plans and information. Glossy magazine of Huisman full of information of the new built ships. In very good condition
€20.00 *
Het Prinsenjacht Piet Hein Het Prinsenjacht Piet Hein
Diverse schrijvers: 1937 Schiedam, softcover 70 blz., bouw en gebruik van dit prinselijk jacht, met foto's en tekst. In zeer goede staat
€9.50 * €17.50 *
Shipyard Huisman 1997 Shipyard Huisman 1997
An Occasional Newsletter from the Royal Huisman Shipyard. Edition Two
Royal Huisman: 1997 Vollenhove, softcover 27 pages. Photographic journal of all the projects at the moment
€14.50 *
The Superyachts volume six 1993 The Superyachts volume six 1993
Lean-Vercoe, R: 1993 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 272 pages, with the most luxes yachts of last year in detail, with photos and specifications. ISBN 09524657 In very good condition
€65.00 *
Splendour Under Sail Splendour Under Sail
The New Generation of superyachts
Holland, Ron: 1988 Shoreline Publishing, hardcover with dustjacket 159 pages, with many photos of sailing-yachts, interiors, building yachts etc. The New Generation of superyachts. In very good condition
€17.50 *
Riva Historical Registry RHS Riva Historical Registry RHS
Gibellini, P.M.: 2013 Riva Historical Society, hardcover 304 pages. In luxes cassette box. Number 142 of 200 copies. Autograph of the Author. All the Riva models in history with their building numbers. With much information of each...
€150.00 *
Wajer Yachts Heeg Wajer Yachts Heeg
Wajer: Heeg ca. 2014, hardcover 132 pages. Photobook of Wajer Yachts. In very good condition. Large book
€55.00 *
Superyacht Design Superyacht Design
Redmayne, M: 2010 London The Yacht Report Group, hardcover 96 pages, with photos and illustrations. About the development of Superyachts. The vision of different professionals. In good condition
€55.00 *
The Superyachts 1999 The Superyachts 1999
Volume Twelve
Lean-Vercoe, R: 1998 A boat international publication, hardcover 316 pages. 21 new Superyachts of 1998 are be shown, with many photographs and detailed information. In very good condition
€55.00 *
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