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The Common Sense of Yacht Design (Volume 1+2) The Common Sense of Yacht Design (Volume 1+2)
Herreshoff, L. Francis: 1946-1948. The Rudder New York, hardcover 157 + 176 pages, illustrated with photos and plans. Construction and designs of sailing yachts. Both volumes in very good condition
€225.00 *
Boatbuilding Down East Boatbuilding Down East
How Lobsterboats Are Built
Lowell, R: 2002 Wooden Boat Publications, hardcover with dustjacket 195 pages. Guide with photos, construction drawings and plans of this wooden traditional built boat. ISBN 9780937822739 In very good condition
€29.50 *
The Blue Gee Glassfibre & Epoxy Wood Book The Blue Gee Glassfibre & Epoxy Wood Book
How to use-when to use-what to use
Benoy, D.C.: 1996 UK, softcover 246 pages, with illustrations. Guide to use the products. In good condition
€19.50 *
Zelfbouw van kleine boten Zelfbouw van kleine boten
Practisch handboek voor beginners
Hans Donat: 1984 Baarn, paperback 148 blz.. Over de handvaardigheden en bouwmethodes, met veel gedetailleerde afbeeldingen. ISBN 9060451880 In zeer goede staat
€17.50 *
Details of Classic Boat Construction, The Hull Details of Classic Boat Construction, The Hull
Pardey, L: 1999 USA, hardcover 526 pages. Construction guide with many photographs and detailed illustrations. ISBN 9780964603684 In very good condition
€45.00 *
Boatbuilding Boatbuilding
A Complete Handbook of Wooden Boat Construction
Chapelle, Howard I: 1969, gebonden met papieromslag 624 blz.. , met veel detail tekeningen. In goede staat
€35.00 *
Principles of Yacht Design Principles of Yacht Design
Larsson and Eliasson: 2000 Adlard Coles London, 2nd edition, hardcover with dustjacket 334 pages, illustrated. Academic book. ISBN 07136511814 In very good condition
€25.00 *
25 Woodworking Projects for small and large boats 25 Woodworking Projects for small and large boats
The Wooden Boat series
Spectre, P.H.: 1997 Maine USA, softcover 198 pages, with detailed photos and illustrations. Projects like a rudder, interior aspects like tables, cupboards, doors, floor etc. ISBN 9780937822463 In vey good condition
€27.50 *
E.G. van de Stadt (Nederlandse editie) E.G. van de Stadt (Nederlandse editie)
Pionier en Jachtontwerper
Akkerman, W. e.a.: 2001 van Wijnen Franeker, hardcover met papieromslag 175 blz.. met fotos en ontwerpplannen. Over van der Stadt en zijn ontwerpen. Ook complete lijst van gebouwde jachten. ISBN 9789051942187 In zeer goede staat
€45.00 *
Wooden Boat Renovation Wooden Boat Renovation
New Life for Old Boats Using Modern Methods
Trefethen, J: 1993 International Marine USA, hardcover with dustjacket 270 pages, with many detailed illustrations ISBN 0877423660 In very good condition
€27.50 *
Painting and Varnishing Painting and Varnishing
The Wooden Boat Series
Spectre, P.H.: 1995 Wooden Boat Publications, softcover 146 blz., met vele voorbeelden. Schilderen en vernissen van houten boten ISBN 9780713644678 In zeer goede staat
€24.50 *
Iain Oughtred, a life in wooden Boats Iain Oughtred, a life in wooden Boats
Compton, N: 2008 USA, hardcover with dustjacket 159 pages. Life and designs of Oughtred. Designer of many small wooden craft like Dinghys, Skiffs, Canoes, Cutters, Yoals, Yachts etc., with photos and plans. ISBN 9780937822999 In very...
€32.50 *
Clinker Boatbuilding Clinker Boatbuilding
Leather, J: 1973 UK, paperback 216 pages, with drawings and photos. The design, construction and guide to built traditional wooden boats with wooden nails ISBN 0713636432 In very good condition
€20.00 *
Skenes Elements of Yacht Design Skenes Elements of Yacht Design
Kinney, F.S.: 1973 Dodd, Mead USA, hardcover with dustjacket 351 pages, with photos, plans, index, graphics. In very good condition
€25.00 *
Principles of Yacht Design Principles of Yacht Design
Larssen, L. and R.E. Eliasson: 1994 International Marine USA, hardcover with dustjacket 302 pages, academic book with many technical drawings ISBN 9780070364929 In very good condition
€35.00 *
Yachtbau Yachtbau
Zweite auflage
Tiller, A: 1937 Leipzig Germany, hardcover 356 pages, illustrated with 484 illustrations and 39 folding-out designplans. Cover some small marks of use otherwise good condition
€200.00 *
Maak er een schip van Maak er een schip van
Praktische tips voor het verbeteren, repareren van uw jacht
Nicolson, I.: 1978 Hollandia Baarn, hardcover met papieromslag 189 blz., met voorbeelden. Geschikt voor 70er jaren jachten ISBN 9060450361
€19.50 *
Small Boat Conversion Small Boat Conversion
Lifeboats into sailing cruisers
Lewis, John: 1963 Bedford, softcover 64 pages, illustrated. To converse a lifeboat in a yacht manual
€16.50 *
Ferro-Cement Boat Construction Ferro-Cement Boat Construction
Whitener, J.R.: 1971 Cambridge, hardcover without dustjacket 128 pages.. Design and construction, with photos and detailed drawings. In very good condition
€32.50 *
Yacht Construction 2nd edition Yacht Construction 2nd edition
From the original Practical Yacht Construction by C.J. Watts
Jurd, K.H.C.: 1970 London, hardcover met papieromslag 160 blz. ISBN 0229974856
€34.50 *
Building the St. Pierre Dory Building the St. Pierre Dory
White, M.: 1978 International Marine Publishing Company New Hampshire. ISBN: 087742098x. Manual for building a Dory, with many details
€45.00 *
Small Craft Conversion Small Craft Conversion
Lewis, J: 1972 Adlard Coles, gebonden met papieromslag 288 blz.. Conversions of life-boats, whalers, fishingboats into sea-going yachts. ISBN 0229986803
€39.50 *
Building a Strip Canoe Building a Strip Canoe
Plans for Eight Canoes, Plus Paddles and Cane Seats, Easy Step-by-Step
Gilpatrick, G: 1985 Maine, softcover 128 blz., met duidelijke voorbeelden
€35.00 *
Build a simple dinghy Build a simple dinghy
Nicholson, I. and Reynolds, A: 1987 UK, softcover 101 blz., met vele voorbeelden
€19.50 *
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