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Haflinger Horses Haflinger Horses
Origins, breeding and care
Schweisgut, O: 1988 Germany, hardcover with dust jacket, 256 pages, with photos. About this Austrian horse. Everything worth knowing about the origin, breeding, care, upkeep and worldwide dissemination of Haflingers is described in...
€45.00 *
Mammals of the Neotropics Mammals of the Neotropics
The Central Neotropics, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil
Eisenberg, J.F. and K.H. Redford: 1999 University of Chicago, softcover, 609 pages, illustrated with drawings and photos, and maps. This volume provides a survey and synthesis of knowledge of the over 650 species of land and marine...
€45.00 *
Krebse und Weichtiere | Webshop Nautiek.nl Krebse und Weichtiere
Teil aus dem Handbuch der Seefischerei Nordeuropas
Havinga, B: 1929 Stuttgart, Hardcover, 147 Seiten, illustriert, die Biologie dieser Tiere. In sehr gutem Zustand
€32.50 *
Some Echinoderms From Franz Jozef Land, Victoriaoya and Hopen Some Echinoderms From Franz Jozef Land,...
Grieg, James A: 1935 Oslo Norges Svalbard Institute, softcover 10 pages. An overview, with latin names, of the specimen they found on the expedition, with measures and location. In good condition. English Language
€75.00 *
The Encyclopedia of Snakes The Encyclopedia of Snakes
Mattison, C: 1995 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 256 pages, with many photos. Everything about the snake and how to take care of ISBN 0713723807 In good condition
€27.50 *
Some aspects of the schooling behaviour of fish Some aspects of the schooling behaviour of fish
Keenleyside, Miles H.A.: 1955 Brill Leiden, softcover 66 pages, illustrated. Academic work about this subject. In good condition
€65.00 *
Walvissen Walvissen
Slijper, prof. dr. E.J.: 1958 Amsterdam, 524 Blz., stofomslag aanwezig, het standaardwerk op walvis gebied. In zeer goede staat
€19.50 *
Marine Turtles as Flagship (Turtle Conservation) Marine Turtles as Flagship (Turtle Conservation)
Special scientific issue of MAST Maritime Studies
Collective: 2005 Amsterdam, softcover 309 pages, illustrated. Scientific studie of the conservation of Turtles. In very good condition
€45.00 *
Die Kaferfauna von Svalbard Die Kaferfauna von Svalbard
Strand, A: 1942 Oslo Norges Svalbard Institut, softcover 17 pages. The Kafer population on Spitsbergen in earlier research . With literature list. In very good condition. rare
€95.00 *
Menura the Lyrebrird Menura the Lyrebrird
included 45 rpm record bird songs
Pollock, Harold: 1967 Australia, hardcover 20 pages, with photos and text of the bird. Included a 45 rpm record with the bird sounds. Complete and in very good condition
€24.50 *
Australian Bird Songs Australian Bird Songs
with 45 rpm record
Weismann, Carl and Lise: 1966 Australia, hardcover 20 pages. Book with photos and charasteritics of about 19 birds. Included 45 rpm record with 19 birdsongs. In very good condition, complete
€24.50 *
The Barnacle Balanus Balanoides (Linne 1766) in Spitsbergen The Barnacle Balanus Balanoides (Linne 1766) in...
Feyling-Hanssen, R.W.: 1953 Oslo Norsk Polar Institut, softcover 64 pages + Plates. Scientific work. In very good condition
€125.00 *
Studies on the Avifauna of Spitsbergen Studies on the Avifauna of Spitsbergen
Lovenskiold, H.L.: 1954 Oslo Norsk Polarinstitut, softcover 131 pages. The Avifauna (birds) of Spitsbergen. In very good condition
€22.50 *
The Toxic Effect of Polar Bear Liver, The Toxic Effect of Polar Bear Liver,
Rodahl, K: 1949 Norsk Polarinstitutt Oslo, softcover 90 pages + plates. Scientific publication. In very good condition
€95.00 *
Muskusoksen i Ost Gronland (The Musk Ox in East Greenland) Muskusoksen i Ost Gronland (The Musk Ox in East...
Lynge, B: Oslo 1930 Norway Saertrykk, softcover 17 pages, with photos. The Muskus Ox in East Greenland. In very good condition. Norwegian language. Small rare publication
€35.00 *
Arabische Paarden Arabische Paarden
Klynstra, F.B.: 1974 Studio de Zuid 's-Gravenhage, hardcover met papieromslag 142 blz., met foto's. Standaardwerk over het Arabische paard, Trefwoorden, hengst, volbloed, paarden. Boek heeft geen papaieromslag als op foto verder prima!
€24.50 *
Graaf Sandor Graaf Sandor
Stalmeester van de duivel
Prestel, J.G.: 1983 Hippoboek, hardcover met papieromslag ongeveer 240 blz. Dankzij de schilder Prestel, door Sandor in dienst genomen om zijn leven-met-de-paarden voor het nageslacht vast te leggen, kunnen we vandaag de dag nog getuige...
€19.50 *
Freshwater Fishes in Britain Freshwater Fishes in Britain
The Species and their distribution
Davies, C. a.o.: 2004 Colchester UK, hardcover 176 pages. All the species. ISBN 0946589763
€19.50 *
Compleet handboek paarden Compleet handboek paarden
Stalinrichting, uitrusting, transport, voeding, verzorging
Oliver, R: 1994 Zuid Nederlandse Uitgeverij, hardcover 151 blz., veel foto's en illustraties ter verduidelijking ISBN 9789024359776
€10.00 *
Jac.P. Thijsse Jac.P. Thijsse
Een leven in dienst van de natuur
Verkaik, J.P. Red.: 1995 Zutphen Walburgpers, softcover 126 blz., met foto's en illustraties. Leven, werk en invloed. ISBN 9060119509 In mooie staat.
€17.50 *
A Field Guide to the National Parks of East Africa A Field Guide to the National Parks of East Africa
Williams, J.G.: 1969 Collins London, hardcover 352 pages, with plates of the animals
€7.50 *
Butterflies of Trinidad and Tobago Butterflies of Trinidad and Tobago
Barcant, M: 1970 Collins London, hardcover 314 pages with coloured plates. ISBN 0002120275. Fine condition
€75.00 *
A Field Guide to the Birds of New Zealand A Field Guide to the Birds of New Zealand
and outlying islands
Falla, R.A. a.o.: 1970 London, hardcover 256 pages ISBN 0002120224
€12.50 *
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