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Handbook of Bereavement Research Handbook of Bereavement Research
Consequences, Coping, and Care
Stroebe, S: 2007, fifth edition. American Psychological Association, hardcover with dust jacket, 822 pages ISBN 9781557987365 In very good condition
€55.00 *
De Humani  Corporis Fabrica | Webshop De Humani Corporis Fabrica
Vesalius, Andreas: 1975 De Forel, Nieuwendijk, Netherlands, Luxes facsimile of the 1543 edition. Hardcover folio, half-leather, 661 pages, in cassette box. Latin language, illustrated, together with the complementary work about the...
€375.00 *
The Course of Operative Surgery 1912 The Course of Operative Surgery 1912
A handbook for practitioners and students
Schmieden, Victor: 1912 Bailliere, Tindal and Cox London, hardcover 345 pages, with many illustrations and photos for guiding operations all over the body. In good condition. Rare
€220.00 *
Tweelingen Tweelingen
Guislain, Dr.: 2002 Gent, hardcover 240 blz., geïllustreerd. Geschiedenis van de tweeling en de wetenschap. ISBN 9789076745046 In zeer goede staat
€32.50 *
Cooling Effect of an Antarctic Climate on Man Cooling Effect of an Antarctic Climate on Man
Wilson, O: 1963 Oslo Polarinstitutt, softcover 32 pages, illustrated. Scientific publication. In very good condition
€35.00 *
Look Better Feel Better Look Better Feel Better
The World renowned Mensendieck system of functional movements for a youthful...
Mensendieck, Bess M.: 1955 UK, hardcover 234 pages, met afbeeldingen van lichaamshoudingen. In goede staat. Engelstalig
€35.00 *
Arctic Nervous Diseases Arctic Nervous Diseases
Baashuus-Jessen, J.: 1935 Oslo Norges Svalbard Institute, softcover 35 pages. Scientific Research about this subject, with reference list. In good condition
€24.50 *
Die Wunder der Uroscopie Die Wunder der Uroscopie
Die Wunder der Uroscopie oder Zumptuarium uropoeticum. Qualitative...
Jacobsen, E: 1862 Maruschke & Berendt Breslau, softcover 53 pages. Satirical publication. In good condition. Small publication
€75.00 *
Studies on the blood and blood pressure in the Eskimo and the significance of ketosis under Arctic c Studies on the blood and blood pressure in the...
Rodahl, K: 1954 Oslo Norsk Polarinstitut, softcover 79 pages. In very good condition
€45.00 *
Eskimo Botalism Eskimo Botalism
A Study of Racial Factors in Basal Metabolism
Rodahl, K: 1954 Norsk Polarinstitutt, softcover 83 pages, illustrated. In diverse settlements.In very good condition
€55.00 *
Lehrbuch der Sauglingskrankheiten Lehrbuch der Sauglingskrankheiten
Finkelstein, H: 1921 Berlin, 2nd edition, hardcover 864 pages, illustrated with photos. Infants health book. In good condition. German language. Lettertype not gothic
€85.00 *
Atlas-Manuel D'Anatomie Pathologique Atlas-Manuel D'Anatomie Pathologique
Bollinger-Gouget: 1902 Libraire Bailliere Paris, hardcover with 137 coloured anatomic lithos on heavy paper. Opposite side the explanation of the anatomical litho. In very good condition. French language
€65.00 *
Repetitorium der Zahnheilkunde Repetitorium der Zahnheilkunde
zugleich ein Examinatorium uber samtliche Hilfswissenschaften für die...
Terra, P. de: 1894 Stuttgart Enke, hardcover 516 pages. German language (not gothic). In good condition
€35.00 *
Lehrbuch der Kronen-Brucken und Keramischen Technik Lehrbuch der Kronen-Brucken und Keramischen...
Krummenow, Fr.: 1923 Zahntechnischer Verlag Berlin, hardcover 310 pages, with many beautiful illustrations of technical instruments, practical use and many different therapies. German language is very good to read (not gothic)
€25.00 *
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