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Waterontrekking aan de Veluwe | Webshop Waterontrekking aan de Veluwe
Collectief: 1933 Landsdrukkerij 's-Gravenhage, softcover, 329 blz. Uitgebreid rapport van het onderzoek van wateronttrekking aan de Veluwe voor de drinkwatervoorziening in Amsterdam. In zeer goede staat
€75.00 *
Het Eiland Urk (2 boeken 1 band) Het Eiland Urk (2 boeken 1 band)
Zijn bodem, voortbrengselen en bewoners
Harting, P. en F. Allan: 1970 Zaltbommel, heruitgave van de 1853 en 1857 editie, hardcover leer en gemarmerd 75 + 32 blz. geïllustreerd en met 2 uitvouwbladen. Boek in zeer goede staat
€20.00 *
Taxonomic Notes Taxonomic Notes
On the species figured by H.B. Brady in his report on the Foraminifera...
Wright-Barker, R: 1960 Society of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists USA, softcover 238 pages, fully illustrated with thousands of Foraminifera with guided texts. In very good condition and complete
€75.00 *
Allgemeines Repertorium der Mineralogie, Geognosie, Geologie, und Petrefakten-Kunde Allgemeines Repertorium der Mineralogie,...
fur den dezennium 1830-1839 Leonhards und Bronns Jahrbuch
Lommel, J: 1841 Stuttgart, hardcover 320 pages. In very good conditon
€75.00 *
Les Massifs Carboniferes Du Sahara Sud-Oranais (2 volumes) Les Massifs Carboniferes Du Sahara Sud-Oranais...
Pareyn, C: 1961 Paris, hardcover, together 569 pages + 28 Plates and folding-out plates, with autograph of the author. Geological study of this area. Set in very good conditon
€65.00 *
Utforskningen av kontinentalsokkelen i Barenhavet- Fra Fridtjof Nansen tid til i dag Utforskningen av kontinentalsokkelen i...
Gjelsvik, T: 1976 Oslo, Norsk Polarinstitutt, softcover 42 pages, illustrated. The exploration of the Continental Shelf in the Barentssea- From Fridtjof Nansen time to today. Scientific publication. Norwegian language with an English...
€35.00 *
Some Dinoflagellates and Hystrichosphaerids from the lower tertiary of Spitsbergen Some Dinoflagellates and Hystrichosphaerids...
Manum, S: Oslo 1960 Norsk Polarinstitut, softcover 12 pages, illustrated. Scientific publication. In very good condition. English language
€35.00 *
The Desert of Southeast Arabia The Desert of Southeast Arabia
Glennie, Kenneth W.: 2005 Bahrain, hardcover with dustjacket, illustrated. All about this desert. ISBN 9990104891 In very good condition
€27.50 *
Anatomy of an Island Anatomy of an Island
A Geological History of Oahu
MacDonald, G.A. and W. Kyselka: 1967 Honolulu, softcover 36 pages, illustrated. In good condition
€19.50 *
Os Vales Submarinos Portugueses Os Vales Submarinos Portugueses
O diastrofismo das Berlengas e da Estremadura
Andrade, Carlos Freire De: 1937 Lisboa, softcover 235 pages. Illustrated with photos and maps. The Geology of Portugal. In very good condition. Portuguese Language
€80.00 *
Antarctic Glacial History and World Palaeoenvironments Antarctic Glacial History and World...
Zinderen-Bakker, E.M. van: 1978 Rotterdam, hardcover with dustjacket 172 pages, illustrated. Symposium of Antarctic Research, Birmingham 1977. In good condition. ISBN 9061910277
€35.00 *
Volcanoes Volcanoes
New and Old
Coleman, S.N.: 1946 USA, hardcover with dustjacket 222 pages, with photos. About Vulcanism and Vulcanoes Worldwide. In very good condition
€24.50 *
The history of earth scienses in Suriname The history of earth scienses in Suriname
Diverse authors: 1998 Netherlands Institute of Applied Geosciense TNO, hardcover 479 pages, with large folding out map of Suriname with her Geology and Minerals. Also photos and diagrams. Scientific work ISBN 9069842262 In very good...
€275.00 *
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