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The ocean world of Jacques Cousteau (20 volumes complete) The ocean world of Jacques Cousteau (20 volumes...
Cousteau, J: 1975 USA, hardcover, each volume 144 pages, with photos in color. All aspects of underwater life in this 20 volume series. In very good condition (because of weight only sending in Europe)
€95.00 *
Restoration of Mangrove Ecosystems Restoration of Mangrove Ecosystems
Field, Colin: 1996 Japan, softcover 249 pages, illustrated. Scientific work. Int. Tropical Timber Orgnisation and Int. Society for Mangrove Ecosystems ISBN 4906584020 In good condition. English language
€75.00 *
Marine Turtles as Flagship (Turtle Conservation) Marine Turtles as Flagship (Turtle Conservation)
Special scientific issue of MAST Maritime Studies
Collective: 2005 Amsterdam, softcover 309 pages, illustrated. Scientific studie of the conservation of Turtles. In very good condition
€45.00 *
A Passion for the Pole A Passion for the Pole
Ethological Research in Polar Regions
Hacquebord, Louwrens en Nienke Boschman: Groningen 2008 Bakhuis, softcover 149 pages, illustrated isbn 9789077922408 poolboeken polarbooks
€24.50 *
The Oosterschelde Estuary (The Netherlands) The Oosterschelde Estuary (The Netherlands)
A Case-Study of a Changing Ecosystem
Nienhuis, P.H. and A.C. Smaal: 1994 Kluwer Academic, with photos, illustrations, diagrams, index etc. In good condition ISBN 9780792328179
€75.00 *
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