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Restoration of Mangrove Ecosystems Restoration of Mangrove Ecosystems
Field, Colin: 1996 Japan, softcover 249 pages, illustrated. Scientific work. Int. Tropical Timber Orgnisation and Int. Society for Mangrove Ecosystems ISBN 4906584020 In good condition. English language
€75.00 *
Marine Turtles as Flagship (Turtle Conservation) Marine Turtles as Flagship (Turtle Conservation)
Special scientific issue of MAST Maritime Studies
Collective: 2005 Amsterdam, softcover 309 pages, illustrated. Scientific studie of the conservation of Turtles. In very good condition
€45.00 *
A Passion for the Pole A Passion for the Pole
Ethological Research in Polar Regions
Hacquebord, Louwrens en Nienke Boschman: Groningen 2008 Bakhuis, softcover 149 pages, illustrated isbn 9789077922408 poolboeken polarbooks
€24.50 *
The Oosterschelde Estuary (The Netherlands) The Oosterschelde Estuary (The Netherlands)
A Case-Study of a Changing Ecosystem
Nienhuis, P.H. and A.C. Smaal: 1994 Kluwer Academic, with photos, illustrations, diagrams, index etc. In good condition ISBN 9780792328179
€75.00 *
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