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The Way West The Way West
Art of Frontier America
Hassrick, P: 1977 Abrams New York, hardcover with dustjacket 240 pages. American art of the wild west in paintings, with many illustrations in colour and biographys of the artists. 0810917505 in very good condition.
€27.50 *
The Wynwood Walls and Doors The Wynwood Walls and Doors
Diverse authors: 2012 Goldman Properties Miami, softcover oblong book 245 pages, with photos of colourfull art on Walls and Doors by different artists. ISBN 9780988258907 In very good condition
€125.00 *
 Een halve eeuw met een stompje potlood Een halve eeuw met een stompje potlood
Weele, Kees. van der: 1997 Drunen, softcover 40 blz., met de kunstwerken in kleur. ISBN 9789090102979 In zeer goede staat
€45.00 *
Painting of 1920s-1930s (Russian) Painting of 1920s-1930s (Russian)
Mahnh, B.C.: 1991 CCCP, hardcover with dustjacket 199 pages. Russian paintings in Full-Colour, with Russian text. Name of painting also in English. Rare. In very good condition
€35.00 *
Valeriy Skrypka Valeriy Skrypka
Hunter, S. and V. Skrypka: 2003 Ukraine, softcover 212 pages, with Full-Colour Oil and Watercolors. ISBN 9669622247 In very good condition
€45.00 *
Brussel Kunstenaarskolonie Brussel Kunstenaarskolonie
Nederlandse Schilders 1850-1890
Bodt, S. de: 1995 Brussel, hardcover met papieromslag 120 blz., rijk geillustreerd. De Nederlandse schilders die in die periode in Brussel werkten ISBN 5411572022492 In zeer goede staat
€20.00 *
Norman Rockwell's America Norman Rockwell's America
Finch, C: 1975 Abrams, hardcover 313 pages, with many coloured illustrations of the Art of Rockwell, with his biography of life and artwork. In good condition. Large sized book
€27.50 *
Theo van Doesburg Theo van Doesburg
Constructeur van het nieuwe leven
Straaten, E. van: 1994 Kroller Moller, hardcover 127 blz., geillustreerd, full-colour. In zeer goede staat. ISBN 9074453120 In zeer goede staat, met potlood enige aantekeningen van andere kunstenaar
€14.50 *
Der Industriemaler Otto Bollhagen Der Industriemaler Otto Bollhagen
Scholl, L.U.: Koehler Verlag Herford, hardcover with dustjacket 120 pages. History and many full-colour painting. In very good condition. German Language ISBN 378220543x
€19.50 *
Gli della Madonna delle Grazie di Udine Gli della Madonna delle Grazie di Udine
Bedont, E: 1979 Udine, Society Filologica Friulana, hardcover with dustjacket 291 pages, with many paintings, partly in colour. In very good condition. Italian language
€45.00 *
Nederlandse Beeldende Kunstenaars 1750-1950 Nederlandse Beeldende Kunstenaars 1750-1950
2 volumes compleet
Scheen, Pieter A.: 1969-1970 Scheen s-Gravenhage, hardcover 751 en 691 blz. + illustratie gedeeltes. Beide delen in zeer goede staat
€180.00 *
A History of Poland in Painting A History of Poland in Painting
Walek, J: 1991 Warsaw, hardcover with dustjacket 176 pages, colour illustrations of the paintings with text. ISBN 8322325843 In very good condition
€19.50 *
Les Grands Peintres Chagall Les Grands Peintres Chagall
Haftmann, W: 1975 Cercle d'Art Paris, hardcover 162 pages, with colour tip-in plates. Name written on first page, otherwise in a very good condition ISBN 2702201024
€60.00 *
Mac Beckmann in Baden-Baden Mac Beckmann in Baden-Baden
Gemalde, Skulpturen, Zeichnungen
Diverse Authors: 2005, Hardcover 151 pages, with photo's. Life and work of Max Beckmann in his Baden-Baden period 1935-1937 ISBN3936636613 In very good condtion. With name in front
€19.50 *
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