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The Golden Age, Finnish art 1850-1907 The Golden Age, Finnish art 1850-1907
Valkonen, M: 1992 Finland, hardcover, 311 pages, Painting art, with many colored art works, Artists and description ISBN 9789510175705 In very good condition
€24.50 *
Max Liebermann und Zeitgenossen Max Liebermann und Zeitgenossen
Wolff-Thomsen, U: 2016 Germany, softcover, 120 pages, with many colorful pictures of the art ISBN 9783804214385 In very good condition. German language
€17.50 *
Paintings and calligraphic Works in Taiwan during the Ming-Ch'ing Period Paintings and calligraphic Works in Taiwan...
Chen Chi Lu: 1985 Taiwan, softcover, 124 pages, with pictures of many Paintings and graphics. English language. In good condition
€25.00 *
Tanaka Ryohei Tanaka Ryohei
Otterloo, Chris van: 2020 Leiden Hotei Publishing, softcover, 159 pages. The work of Tanaka Ryohei in this book, with guided texts ISBN 9789004401358 In very good condition
€125.00 *
Odd Nerdrum Paintings Odd Nerdrum Paintings
Ebbestad-Hansen, J.E.: 1996 New York, hardcover with dust jacket, 346 pages. About this Norwegian painter, Nerdum and his work, with many colorful images of his paintings. Luxes book. ISBN 8203260632 In very good condition
€95.00 *
Russian Avant-Garde, the George Costakis Collection Russian Avant-Garde, the George Costakis...
Zander-Rudinstine, A: 1981 Abrams New York, hardcover with dust jacket, 527 pages, illustrated in color with 1100 avant-garde works ISBN 0810915561 In very good condition (Because of weight no sending outside Europe)
€60.00 *
Like Moving Poems Like Moving Poems
The Watercolor Masterworks of Guan Weixing
Weixing, Guan: 2007 Ambleside New York, hardcover with dust jacket, 131 pages, with the watercolors of Weixing ISBN 9780979450402 In very good condition
€125.00 *
Lars Jonsson's Birds | Webshop Lars Jonsson's Birds
Paintings from a Near Horizon
Jonsson, L: 2008 Helm London, hardcover with dust jacket 192 pages, illustrated with the water colors of Jonsson, with text. Beautiful birds book ISBN 9781408110140 In very good condition
€45.00 *
Patrick Hughes Perverspective | Webshop Patrick Hughes Perverspective
Slyce, J: 1998 London, hardcover with dust jacked 141 pages, with illustrations. Patrick Hughes is the creator of "reverspective", an optical illusion on a three-dimensional surface (usually one or more truncated pyramids with a square...
€34.50 *
The Basilica of St Francis in Assisi | Webshop The Basilica of St Francis in Assisi
Malafarina, G: 2014 Thames & Hudson UK, hardcover with dust jacket 324 pages. Large format book, rich illustrated with all the art of the Basilica and the backgrounds of all the art ISBN 9780500517680 In very good condition (Because of...
€125.00 *
Poznan Edwarda Dwurnika | Webshop Poznan Edwarda Dwurnika
Dwurnik, E: 2004 Poland, hardcover 96 pages, with art plates of Dwurnik of the city of Poznan, Poland. ISBN 838952569 In very good condition. English-Polish language
€55.00 *
Great Railway Paintings Inspired by the Seaside | Webshop Great Railway Paintings Inspired by the Seaside
The Guild of Railway Artists
Collective: 2005 UK, softcover 80 pages. Historic Colour Full paintings of trains along the coast. ISBN 9780715322116 In very good condition
€14.50 *
Everyday People Everyday People
Gibson, Charles Dana: 1904 New York Charles Scribner's Sons, hardcover 82 pages. Large oblong book, 44x30cm, first edition. Illustration book of this famous American Illustrator, with a reputation for decades, with weekly work in...
€275.00 *
The History of Venice in Painting The History of Venice in Painting
Duby, G: 2007 Abbeville Press New York. Hardcover 496 pages. With outstanding colour images of paintings, telling the history of Venice. History in text and paintings. Book is very large and heavy (6.8 kg). In protected slipcase. ISBN...
€125.00 *
Giovanni Bellini Giovanni Bellini
Batschmann, O: 2008 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 256 pages. Life and work of Bellini, with many images ISBN 9781861893574 In very good condition
€42.50 *
Tekens, Kees Stoop Tekens, Kees Stoop
Dagboek in 1001 Krabbels van Kees Stoop
Stoop, Kees en H. Steffelaar: 2012 Holten, hardcover oblong, zeer groot formaat. Oplage 350 ex. Het boek ‘Tekens’ gaat in principe niet over het ‘grote werk’ van Kees Stoop. Het boek bevat voornamelijk bladen met collages van tekeningen...
€125.00 *
Tropinin 1776-1857 Tropinin 1776-1857
Petinova, E: 1990 Moscow, hardcover with dustjacket. Life and work of this Russian portrait painter, with many colored images of his paintings. ISBN 5737002640 In very good condition. Russian/Enlish language
€35.00 *
Arnold Schonberg, leven in kunst en muziek Arnold Schonberg, leven in kunst en muziek
Living in Art and Music
Diverse authors: 2013 Amsterdam, softcover 117 pages. The life and paintings of Arnold Schonberg next to his Music art, with many colour paintings illustrated ISBN 9789080202900 Dutch language. In very good condition
€25.00 *
Noch vor der Sprache / Even Before Language Noch vor der Sprache / Even Before Language
Rainer, Anulf: 2000 Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum, softcover 211 pages, with reproductions of the work of Arnulf Rainer ISBN 9789056621605 In very good condition, German and English language
€24.50 *
Sound Zero Sound Zero
Art and music from pop to street art
Deho, Valerio: Damiani Editore Merano, hardcover 192 blz. engelstalig, illustrated. ISBN 8889431652 De beeldtaal van de zeventiger jaren in combinatie met muziek, met de daaropvolgende straatkunst in Amerika en Europa
€19.50 *
Andrei Mylnikov Andrei Mylnikov
Sazonova, K: 1977 Aurora Leningrad, hardcover 175 pages, reproductions in full-colour. English and Russian language. In good condition
€25.00 *
De Sixtijnse Kapel De Sixtijnse Kapel
Cirri, C. and S. Ricci: 2011 Scala Florence, hardcover with dustjacket 287 pages. All aspects of the paintings in detailed color plates. Language in English, German, Italian and Dutch. ISBN 9788887090703 In very good condition. Oversized...
€75.00 *
Charles Meryon 1821-1868 Charles Meryon 1821-1868
Etsen van Parijs
Groot, I. M. de: 1991 Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, softcover 96 blz., geillustreerd. Veranderingen van het oude Parijs in de tijd van Haussmann ISBN 9789061791478 In zeer goede staat
€14.50 *
Freilichtmalerei Freilichtmalerei
Der Kunstlerort Dachau um 1870-1914
Collectiv: 2002 Dachau, softcover 159 pages. With many color plates. ISBN 3930941260 In very good condition. German language
€24.50 *
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