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Kirei, posters from Japan 1978-1993 Kirei, posters from Japan 1978-1993
Burer, C: 1993 Switserland, hardcover with dust jacket, 189 pages, color posters, with text. ISBN 3905514060 In very good condition. (Because of size, no sending outside Europe)
€27.50 *
City Scapes City Scapes
Basilico, G.: 1999 Thames and Hudson London, hardcover, 400 pages, with 330 photographs. ISBN 9780500542361 In good condition
€60.00 *
L'arte dei Barovier L'arte dei Barovier
Vetrai di murano 1866-1972
Barovier, M: 1993 Italy, hardcover with dust jacket, 213 pages, with many colorful photos of the glass art of Barovier. About Barovier and her art. ISBN 9788877431264 In very good condition. Italian language
€75.00 *
Michael Heizer Effigy Tumuli Michael Heizer Effigy Tumuli
McGill, D: 1988 New York, hardcover with dust jacket, 131 pages, with many photos. The designing and making of the large outdoor sculptures of five abstract animal earthworks along the Illinois River. ISBN 9780810911666 In very good...
€35.00 *
Typoornamenty, for lovers of Graphic and Typography | Webshop Nautiek.nl Typoornamenty, for lovers of Graphic and...
Kopriva, M: 1991 Prague, hardcover box with booklet, 31 pages and 240 numbered sheets with ornamental graphic. Complete set in very good condition. ISBN 8090019242 Language, English, German, French and Czech
€85.00 *
Verlaten Huizen | Webshop Nautiek.nl Verlaten Huizen
Zuiderwoude 2012-2015
Bom, P. en T. Vieijra: 2015, hardcover met papieromslag 147 blz. Fotoboek van verlaten huizen in hun oorspronkelijke staat, nadat de bewoners waren overleden of werden opgenomen in verzorgingstehuizen ISBN 9789463230056 In goede staat
€75.00 *
Everyday People Everyday People
Gibson, Charles Dana: 1904 New York Charles Scribner's Sons, hardcover 82 pages. Large oblong book, 44x30cm, first edition. Illustration book of this famous American Illustrator, with a reputation for decades, with weekly work in...
€275.00 *
Nordjylland Nordjylland
Werner, Sigvart (photographer): 1936 Copenhagen, softcover 42 pages. Photobook of Sigvart Werner of scenic places in Nordyylland Denmark. In good condition
€24.50 *
Collecting Art Deco Collecting Art Deco
McConnell, K: 1990 USA, hardcover with dustjacket 143 pages, with many photos. About collecting Art Deco, with many photos and examples. ISBN 0887402798 In very good condition
€25.00 *
Vaclav Fiala Sculptures 00-05 Vaclav Fiala Sculptures 00-05
Fiser, M. a.o.: 2005 Klatovy, hardcover 146 pages, with many colourful photos of the sculptures of Vaclav Fiala ISBN 8085628872 In very good condition
€65.00 *
Typisch Holland Typisch Holland
Eilers, Bern F.: Ca. 1920 Kosmos Amsterdam. Fotoboek van kunstfotograaf Eilers van typisch Nederlandse onderwerpen. In goede staat
€25.00 *
Napule Shot Napule Shot
D'Agati, M: 2010 Steidl, hardcover with dustjacket 408 pages and 286 Colour Plates. Divided between two parts, "Outskirts" and "Downtown", Napule Shot represents a cross section of life in Naples. Chapter by chapter Mauro D`Agati tells...
€35.00 *
Law & Order Law & Order
The world of criminal justice
Banning, J: 2015, hardcover 182 pages. Photobook of the criminal justice Worldwide, with guided text. ISBN 9789077386156 In very good condition
€32.50 *
Piet Jan Blauw Piet Jan Blauw
Genummerd 92/500 en gesigneerd door Piet Jan Blauw
Serne, J. en Piet jan Blauw: 1993 Hoorn, hardcover 48 blz.. Overzicht van hightech sculptures, met begeleidende tekst ISBN
€24.50 *
Tokyo Life Tokyo Life
Art, design, architecture, fashion, photography, film
Luna, I. and others: Rizzoli New York 497 blz., illustrated. ISBN 9780847829255
€21.50 *
Antarctica Antarctica
Vermeer, Jan en Frieda van Essen: Foto's en tekst 2007 Thiema Art, hardcover with dustwrap. Beautiful photography book about Antarctica ISBN 9789078964087
€75.00 *
Cosmocide-Kosmozid Cosmocide-Kosmozid
Limbach, H.J.: 1989 Rosch Zurich, hardcover 216 pages, full-colour photography. In very good condition ISBN 3908022010
€27.50 *
The Audiance Suite of the Papal Apartments The Audiance Suite of the Papal Apartments
Panciroli, R: 2004 Libreria Editrice Vaticana, Vatican City, hardcover with dustjacket. The art of the Papal apartments in detail, with beautiful coloured plates of the art and their history. ISBN 9788820975005 In mint condition
€85.00 *
Rodin's Art Rodin's Art
Elsen, A.E.: 2003 Oxford University Press, softcover 662 pages, with the 204 sculptures of Rodin in the collection of the Stanford University. Each sculpture in detail with text ISBN 9780195133813 In very good condition
€27.50 *
Meissen Limitierte Kunstwerke Meissen Limitierte Kunstwerke
Limited-Edition Art Works edition 2017
Meissen: 2017 Germany, softcover 193 pages, many photos. All the Porecelan art, with details of the subjects and the artists. Also price lists. In very good condition
€35.00 *
A.D. Copier, trilogie in glas A.D. Copier, trilogie in glas
Ricke, M. e.a.: 1991 De Hef Rotterdam, hardcover 90 blz. + bijlages. Pagina grote fotos met overzicht van werk van Copier met beschrijving. Full-colour ISBN 9069060132 In zeer goede staat
€20.00 *
Dutch Delftware Dutch Delftware
Plaques, a blueprint of Delft
Aronson, R.D. and S.M.R. Lambooy: 2009 Amsterdam, softcover 96 pages, A4 sized, with many colour photos of Deltware Plaques, with detailed information. Source book ISBN 9789080810877 In very good condition
€25.00 *
Sprekende Films Sprekende Films
De komst van de geluidsfilm in Nederland 1928-1933
Dibbets, Karel: 1999 Uitg. Otto Cramswinkel Amsterdam, softcover 388 blz., met foto's. ISBN 9071894495 filmkunst. Boek in goede staat.
€14.50 *
Het doksaal van de grote of St Bartholomeuskerk te Schoonhoven Het doksaal van de grote of St Bartholomeuskerk...
Duinen, Herman A. van: 2004 De Bataafsche Leeuw Amsterdam, hardcover 144 blz.. Over de kerk en het Doksaal, met foto's. ISBN 9067075892
€19.50 *
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