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Lubecker Flender-Werke Aktiengesellschaft Lubecker Flender-Werke Aktiengesellschaft
N/A : 1954 Lübeck, softcover, 79 pages, catalog with many standard types of cargo-ships built by the yard, with photos of the ships, interior and specifications, in very good condition. English-German language
€125.00 *
Kockums Mekaniska Verkstads AB Kockums Mekaniska Verkstads AB
Kockums: 1965 Malmö, Sweden, hardcover 52 pages. Photo book in color with text. Photos of the yard and her deliveries. In very good condition. English Language
€85.00 *
Denny Dumbarton 1844-1950 Denny Dumbarton 1844-1950
Denny Shipbuilders: 1950 Dunbarton, hardcover 35 pages, with many photo's of built ships. Short History and highlights of built ships. In very good condition
€45.00 *
Schiffbau an der Este Schiffbau an der Este
Die Schiffe der Sietas Werft
Heiss, W. und B. Voltmer: 1996 Hamburg, softcover 192 pages. The Complete list of built ships. All details of the ships, coasters, innenschiffer, binnenvaartschepen, tugs, sleepboten, vrachtschepen, Merchant Ships etc. Scheepvaart,...
€65.00 *
20 Jahre VEB Mathias Thesen Werft 20 Jahre VEB Mathias Thesen Werft
Collective: 1966 DDR, softcover 63 pages, with photos. About the shipyard, the built ships and the workers. In good condition
€65.00 *
Schiffswerft Johann Oelkers 1876-1991 Schiffswerft Johann Oelkers 1876-1991
Kunick, H: 1996 Elbe Spree Verlag, hardcover, ca. 250 pages, with photos and plans of built ships. The historical building list in detail, with much information. In very good condition
€95.00 *
Deutsche Werft Deutsche Werft
50 Jahre Handelsschiffbau in der Weltspitze
Wagner, K: 2008 Hauschild, hardcover with dust jacket, 119 pages. History and photo book of this German Shipyard from Hamburg, with guided texts with the photos ISBN 9783897574120 In very good condition
€55.00 *
Building for Victory Building for Victory
The Warship Building Programmes of the Royal Navy 1939-1945
Moore, G: Ca. 2000 World Ship Society UK, softcover 196 pages, with photos and side profiles. All the ships with history and details. ISBN 095433101x In very good condition
€65.00 *
The United Kingdom Naval Shipbuilding Industrial Base The United Kingdom Naval Shipbuilding...
The Next Fifteen Years
Collective: 2005 Ministry of Defence, softcover, 178 pages, illustrated with tables and diagrams ISBN 9780833037060 In very good condition
€27.50 *
Build the Ships Build the Ships
Collective: His Majesty's Stationary Office, 1946 London, softcover, 64 pages, illustrated. The war ship building program. Education publication for the crowd. In very good condition
€20.00 *
Shipbuilding in Britain Shipbuilding in Britain
Mainly between the two World Wars
Jones, L: 1957 Cardiff, hardcover with dust jacket, 244 pages. Academic book about the shipbuilding in the UK between the two World Wars. In very good condition
€19.50 *
Steel & Ships Steel & Ships
The History of John Brown's
Grant, Sir Allan: 1950 London, hardcover 97 pages, with photo's. In very good condition
€19.50 *
Ships & Men 1899-1949 Ships & Men 1899-1949
Smiths Dock: 1949 UK, hardcover, 42 pages, illustrated. History of the Smith Dock Company, Middlesbrough. Small publication. In good condition
€30.00 *
The Cammell Laird Magazine (no. 3 and 4. 1961) The Cammell Laird Magazine (no. 3 and 4. 1961)
Diverse authors: 1961 Birkenhead UK, softcover, 45 pages each number, with photos. About the company and their work on the yard. In very good condition
€15.00 *
Brochure Armon Shipyards Spain | Webshop Brochure Armon Shipyards Spain
Armon: ca. 2005 Spain, softcover 20 pages, with photos of the shipyards and built ships. In very good condition
€22.50 *
Brochure Astander Shipyards | Webshop Brochure Astander Shipyards
Astander: Ca. 2008 Spain, softcover glossy, 5 pages, with photos of the yard and ships. In very good condition
€10.00 *
Brochure Moscow Shipbuilding and Repair Yard | Webshop Brochure Moscow Shipbuilding and Repair Yard
Moscow Shipbuilding and Repair Yard: 1993 Moscow, softcover 6 pages, with photos of the yard and built ships. Russian and English language
€27.50 *
Brochure Astican Shipyard | Webshop Brochure Astican Shipyard
Astican Shipyard: Ca. 2000 Spain, softcover 5 pages, glossy with photos of some ships and the yard form above. In very good condition
€12.50 *
Vosper Thornycroft Built Warships Vosper Thornycroft Built Warships
Piper, T: 2006, UK, hardcover with dust jacket, 162 pages. Photo book of the shipyard and built naval ships, with guided texts ISBN 9781904459217 In very good condition
€45.00 *
Swan Hunter Built Warships Swan Hunter Built Warships
Buxton, A: 2007 UK, hardcover with dust jacket, 128 pages. Photo Book of Swan Hunter Shipyard and their built naval ships ISBN 9781904459293 In very good condition
€27.50 *
Vickers Barrow Built Warships | Webshop Vickers Barrow Built Warships
Wise, J: 2008 UK, hardcover with dust jacket, 138 pages. Photo book with guided texts of the yard and built ships of this shipyard ISBN 9781904459354 In very good condition
€65.00 *
Blohm + Voss | Webshop Blohm + Voss
Werftenverbund und Neuausrichtung 2002-2012
Aly, Herbert and Reinhard Kuhlmann: 2012 Koehler Hamburg, hardcover with dust jacket 172 pages, with photo's. The development of Blohm + Voss between 2002 and 2012. ISBN 9783782210706 German Language. In good condition
€24.50 *
Shipnuilding and Engineering Company Fijenoord Rotterdam 1903 | Webshop Shipbuilding and Engineering Company Fijenoord...
Collective: Fijenoord 1903, hardcover 34 pages, with 16 plates of built ships and naval ships with Fijenoord shipyard, Rotterdam. In very good condition. Rare!
€225.00 *
Brochure Shipbuilding and Engineering Industry Split | Webshop Brochure Shipbuilding and Engineering Industry...
No Author: 1979 Split Yugoslavia, softcover 24 pages with photo's of built ships and a list of built ships from 1956 till 1979. In good condition
€35.00 *
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