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A Sea Vagabond's World A Sea Vagabond's World
Moitessier, B: 1998 USA, softcover, 215 pages, illustrated. Practical book of sea vagabond Moitessier, to survive on sea. About the Boat, the Sea and the Beachcombing life ISBN 9781574090215 with some small marks of use. In good condition
€20.00 *
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Sailing Close to the Wind Sailing Close to the Wind
An epic voyage recreating the first circumnavigation of Africa by the...
Beale, P. and S. Taylor: 2012 UK, softcover, 218 pages, illustrated ISBN 9781908913043 In good condition
€12.50 *
Atlantic Adventurers Atlantic Adventurers
Voyages in Small Craft
Barton, Humphrey: 1962 London, hardcover, 254 pages, with photos and maps. Transatlantic crossings with small sailing craft. The account of many crossings. In good condition
€14.50 *
1700 Miles in Open Boats, Mariners Library 19 1700 Miles in Open Boats, Mariners Library 19
The story of the loss of the ss Trevessa in the Indian Ocean and the voyage...
Foster, C: 1952 London, hardcover without dustjacket 191 pages, with photos. In good condition
€25.00 *
The Epic Voyage of the Seven Little Sisters The Epic Voyage of the Seven Little Sisters
Willis, William: 1956 London, hardcover with dust jacket, 244 pages, with photographs, first edition. Book and dust jacket In very good condition
€27.50 *
Kon-Tiki man Kon-Tiki man
An illustrated biography of Thor Heyerdahl
Ralling, Christpher: 1991 USA, 334 pages, with photos. Biography of this adventurer ISBN 9780811800693 In good condition
€17.50 *
The Epic Voyage of the Seven Little Sisters The Epic Voyage of the Seven Little Sisters
A 6700-Mile Voyage Alone Across the Pacific
Willis, William: 1956 London, bound, no dustwrap 244 pages, with photographs, first edition
€17.50 *
Survive the Savage Sea Survive the Savage Sea
Robertson, Dougal: 1973 UK, hardcover 223 pages, with illustrations. The ordeal following the ramming/sinking of the schooner Lucette by killer whales on 15 June 1972. Rescued after 38 days adrift. ISBN 0236154613 In very good condition
€12.50 *
Jock Muir maritime Reflections Jock Muir maritime Reflections
Muir, J: 1991 Hobart, Tasmania, softcover 136 pages, with photos and plans. Reminisces of his sailing. Also famous boat builder. ISBN 064601630x. In very good condition. With the signature of John Muir
€75.00 *
Sailing among the Stars Sailing among the Stars
The Story of Tristan Jones Sea Dart
Wagers, L: 1999 New York, softcover 110 pages, with photos ISBN 9781574090703 In good condition
€14.50 *
Tweemaal alleen Tweemaal alleen
In een kleine boot over een grote oceaan
Marin Marie: 1969 Amsterdam, hardcover 367 blz., met foto's. In goede staat
€14.50 *
Du tour du monde a la Transat Du tour du monde a la Transat
Tabarly, E: 1978 Paris, hardcover with dustjacket 178 pages, with photos. ISBN 2724202678 In very good condition
€16.50 *
A. Speck on the Sea A. Speck on the Sea
Epic Voyages in the Most Improbable Vessels
Longyard, W.H.: 2005 USA, softcover 375 pages, with photos ISBN 9780071440295 In very good condition
€16.50 *
Einhandsegeln Einhandsegeln
Techniken und Erfahrungen
Henderson, R: 1977 Delius-Klasing Bielefeld, hardcover with dustjacket 303 pages, illustrated. Guide for the single-handed sailer. In good condition. German Language
€25.00 *
Alone Against the Atlantic Alone Against the Atlantic
Spiess, G: 1999 USA, hardcover 224 pages, with photo's. Crossing the ocean in a very small self-made plywood sailboat. ISBN 0285625284 In very good condition
€14.50 *
Slow Boats to China Slow Boats to China
Young, G: 1981 Penguin, softcover 488 pages, illustrated ISBN 9780140062397 In good condition
€10.00 *
Orenoque Amazone Orenoque Amazone
Sur un Voilier de Dix Metres
Dine, J.F.: 1995 France, softcover 301 pages, with photos. With text and autograph of the author Dine. ISBN 9782950930101 In very good condition
€20.00 *
Ocean Pioneers Ocean Pioneers
Das, Robert: Enkhuizen 2008 Dokmar, hardcover 144 pages. (Early) Ocean Pioneers is a richly illustrated book of true stories about yachtsmen. oscillating between daring and madness. A joy to read and pour over, brimming with cut-away...
€19.50 *
Suche Schiff, Egal Wohin Suche Schiff, Egal Wohin
Eine ungeplante Weltumseglung
Burkhardt, S: 2007 Delius Klasing, hardcover with dustjacket 299 pages, with photos ISBN 9783768818513 In very good condition. German Language
€14.50 *
Eine Frau, Ein Boot und der Pazifik Eine Frau, Ein Boot und der Pazifik
7000 Kilometer von Peru nach Tahiti in 73 tagen
Fontenoy, M: 2006 germany, softcover 136 pages, with photos. ISBN 9783894052805 In very good condition. German language
€10.00 *
The life and voyages of Captain Joshua Slocum The life and voyages of Captain Joshua Slocum
Slocum, Victor: 1952 London, hardcover 325 pages, illustrated. In good conditon
€21.50 *
The Cruise of the Alerte The Cruise of the Alerte
In Search of Treasure. The Nautilus Library
Knight, E.F.: 1929 UK, hardcover 255 pages, with map of Trinidad Island. In good condition
€15.00 *
105 Jours en Solitaire 105 Jours en Solitaire
Livre de bord & Chroniques a terre
Augain, C: 1997 Paris, hardcover 187 pages, illustrated ISBN 9782207246054 In very good condition. French language
€14.50 *
Down the Hatch Down the Hatch
Tyrrell, J: 1993 UK, softcover 231 pages, illustrated ISBN 9780952074717 In good condition
€14.50 *
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