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A Fighting Chance A Fighting Chance
Ridgway, J. and C. Blyth: 1966 London, hardcoverwith dustjacket 223 pages, illustrated. Rowing from the UK to the USA. In very good condition
€14.50 *
Sailing around the world (the original edition) Sailing around the world (the original edition)
Slocum, Joshua: 1995 Sheridan House London, hardcover with dustjacket 294 pages illustrated. First published in 1894. First solo sailing round the world. ISBN 9780911378207 In very good conditon
€14.50 *
Call of the Sea Call of the Sea
Guillain, France and Christian: 1976 London, hardcover with dustjacket 272 pages, with photos. Around the world in an small sailboat. In very good condition
€14.50 *
My Lively Lady My Lively Lady
Rose, Sir Alec: 1968 Second Impression UK, bound with dustwrap 193 pages, with photographes and illustrations. About his live and sailadventure.
€16.50 *
Because the Horn is there Because the Horn is there
Smeeton, Miles: 1970 UK, Nautical Publishing Company, First edition, hardcover with dustjacket 169 pages, with photos. The third attempt to round Cape Horn after twice been capsized with the Tzu Hang. In very good condition
€20.00 *
Hemingway's Boat Hemingway's Boat
Hnedrickson, P: 2011 USA, hardcover, no dustjacket 532 pages, with photos. Key life moments that occurred on board his beloved boat, Pilar, from celebrations with friends and romantic liaisons to the dissolutions of marriages and...
€14.50 *
Something worth doing Something worth doing
The Sub-Arctic voyage of Aqua Star
Chopra, J.W.: 1995 New York, hardcover with dustjacket 170 pages with photo's ISBN 9780393034462 In very good condition
€14.50 *
1700 Miles in Open Boats, Mariners Library 19 1700 Miles in Open Boats, Mariners Library 19
The story of the loss of the ss Trevessa in the Indian Ocean and the voyage...
Foster, C: 1952 London, hardcover without dustjacket 191 pages, with photos. In good condition
€25.00 *
Glory Be Glory Be
An Amazing Voyage
Clark, M.G.: 1938 London Barker, hardcover 285 pages, with photos. Sailing from Polynesia, Melanesia, the Indies to Cannes. In good condition
€16.50 *
The Ian Nicolson Omnibus The Ian Nicolson Omnibus
The Log of the Maken-Sea-Saint-Building the ST Mary
Nicolson, I: 1986 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 500 pages, illustrated. ISBN 0907069428 In very good condition
€16.50 *
13 solitaires autour du monde sans escale 13 solitaires autour du monde sans escale
Charles, D (editor): 1990 Laffont Paris, softcover 235 pages, with photos. 13 non-stop single handed sailers in profile. ISBN 9782221067949 In good condition. French language
€12.50 *
Endurance Endurance
Shackletons incredible voyage
Lansing, A: 1985 London paperback 302 blz. In good condition
€11.50 *
Sailing Three Oceans Sailing Three Oceans
Building and Sailing Schooner Appledore
Smith, Herbert and Doris: 1988 USA, hardcover with dustjacket 210 pages, with photos and routemap. ISBN 0892722614. Dustjacket small marks of use, otherwise good
€17.50 *
Across Three Oceans Across Three Oceans
The Mariners Library no. 8
OBrien, Conor: 1951 London Rupert Hart-Davis, hardcover no dustjacket 272 pages, with photo's
€19.50 *
The Cruise of the Dreamship The Cruise of the Dreamship
Stock, R: 1931 London, hardcover, no dustjacket, with photo's. The world trip on the Colin Archer Sailship The Dreamship. In very good condition
€19.50 *
The Voyage of the Cap Pilar The Voyage of the Cap Pilar
Story of this famous voyage round the world in a barquentine
Seligman, Adrian: 1947 London Hodder and Stoughton, hardcover 320 pages, with photographs and plans. In good condition
€14.50 *
Journey to the Polar Sea Journey to the Polar Sea
Narrative of a journey to the shores of the Polar Sea in the years 1819-1822: John Franklin: 2000 Washington, softcover 291 pages. Franklin's own account of the disastrous expedition, taken straight from his journals, with photographs...
€19.50 *
Batavia's Graveyard Batavia's Graveyard
Dash, Mike: 2002 New York, gebonden met papieromslag 381 blz.. Bijzonder boek over de gebeurtenissen aan boord van de Batavia in 1628. Een van de meest bijzondere dramatische gebeurtenissen uit de geschiedenis, waarin de opvarende...
€19.50 *
Around the Big Blue Marble Around the Big Blue Marble
The Boc-Challenge 1994-95 Single-Handed Race Around The World
Rowe, Nigel: 1995 London, gebonden met papieromslag 192 blz., mooi verslag van de avonturen van de deelnemers, met foto's. (a)
€16.50 *
The cruise of the Corwin The cruise of the Corwin
Muir, John: 1993 USA, paperback 226 Blz. John Muir ondernam in 1881 een reis op de stoomboot '' Thomas Corwin'' richting arctisch gebied op zoek naar de ''Jeanette''. Dit schip verdween 2 jaar daarvoor en zou nooit gevonden worden. In...
€10.00 *
The Penance Way The Penance Way
The Mystery of Puffin,s Atlantic Voyage
Naydler, Merton: 1968 London, hardcover with dustjacket 252 pages, with photo's. The dissapearance of the Fifteen foot Puffin on attempting to row the Atlantic, crewed by David Johnstone and John Hoare. When they found the hull of the...
€19.50 *
Viertausend Meilen unter Sturmsegeln Viertausend Meilen unter Sturmsegeln
Heydebrand, Detlev von: Leipzig 1887, hardcover, colourfull front, illustrated with 106 illustrations. On the Yacht Aldegonda from Dartsmouth to Pola in the Adriatic near Triest. German Language. Book in perfect condition
€150.00 *
Seaspray and Whiskey Seaspray and Whiskey
Reminscenses of a Tramp Ship Voyage
Freeman, Norman: 1993 Dublin. paperback 229 pages. ISBN 1871311306 scheepvaart, maritime
€12.50 *
Segel in Sonne und Sturm Segel in Sonne und Sturm
Mit dem Segelschulschiff ''Wilhelm Pieck'' auf grosser fahrt
Richter, G.R.: 1960 Neuenhagen, hardcover 234 pages, with photographs. Living aboard and adventures from Germany to Odessa. Sailing
€19.50 *
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