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Jones, Tristan: 1993 Baarn, softcover 258 blz... Tristan Jones naar de Noordpool. ISBN 9789064102158 In zeer goede staat
€12.50 *
The last Grain Race The last Grain Race
Newby, E: 1956 London, hardcover, no dust jacket, with photo's 243 pages. The report of Newby on the Moshulu, a three mast sailing vessel, who sailed from Australia to the UK. In very good condition
€14.50 *
Kon-Tiki man Kon-Tiki man
An illustrated biography of Thor Heyerdahl
Ralling, Christpher: 1991 USA, 334 pages, with photos. Biography of this adventurer ISBN 9780811800693 In good condition
€17.50 *
The Epic Voyage of the Seven Little Sisters The Epic Voyage of the Seven Little Sisters
A 6700-Mile Voyage Alone Across the Pacific
Willis, William: 1956 London, bound, no dustwrap 244 pages, with photographs, first edition
€17.50 *
Survive the Savage Sea Survive the Savage Sea
Robertson, Dougal: 1973 UK, hardcover 223 pages, with illustrations. The ordeal following the ramming/sinking of the schooner Lucette by killer whales on 15 June 1972. Rescued after 38 days adrift. ISBN 0236154613 In very good condition
€12.50 *
Jock Muir maritime Reflections Jock Muir maritime Reflections
Muir, J: 1991 Hobart, Tasmania, softcover 136 pages, with photos and plans. Reminisces of his sailing. Also famous boat builder. ISBN 064601630x. In very good condition. With the signature of John Muir
€75.00 *
The Ulysses Voyage | Webshop The Ulysses Voyage
Sea Search for the Odyssey
Severin, T: 1987 USA, hardcover with dust jacket, 253 pages, with photos ISBN 0525246142 In very good condition
€14.50 *
Nordatlantik Einhand | Webshop Nordatlantik Einhand
West-Ost in 22 Tagen mit Sy Pommern
Milowsky, G: 1984 Hamburg, Taschenbuch 322 Seiten ISBN 3925065008 In sehr gutem Zustand
€25.00 *
Sailing among the Stars Sailing among the Stars
The Story of Tristan Jones Sea Dart
Wagers, L: 1999 New York, softcover 110 pages, with photos ISBN 9781574090703 In good condition
€14.50 *
Tweemaal alleen Tweemaal alleen
In een kleine boot over een grote oceaan
Marin Marie: 1969 Amsterdam, hardcover 367 blz., met foto's. In goede staat
€14.50 *
Du tour du monde a la Transat Du tour du monde a la Transat
Tabarly, E: 1978 Paris, hardcover with dustjacket 178 pages, with photos. ISBN 2724202678 In very good condition
€16.50 *
Sailing Alone Around the World and Voyage of the Liberdade Sailing Alone Around the World and Voyage of...
Slocum, J: 2003 USA, softcover 265 pages, illustrated. Combined publication of two books of Slocum. ISBN 9780792265566 In very good condition
€15.00 *
A. Speck on the Sea A. Speck on the Sea
Epic Voyages in the Most Improbable Vessels
Longyard, W.H.: 2005 USA, softcover 375 pages, with photos ISBN 9780071440295 In very good condition
€16.50 *
Einhandsegeln Einhandsegeln
Techniken und Erfahrungen
Henderson, R: 1977 Delius-Klasing Bielefeld, hardcover with dustjacket 303 pages, illustrated. Guide for the single-handed sailer. In good condition. German Language
€25.00 *
Alone Against the Atlantic Alone Against the Atlantic
Spiess, G: 1999 USA, hardcover 224 pages, with photo's. Crossing the ocean in a very small self-made plywood sailboat. ISBN 0285625284 In very good condition
€14.50 *
Slow Boats to China Slow Boats to China
Young, G: 1981 Penguin, softcover 488 pages, illustrated ISBN 9780140062397 In good condition
€10.00 *
Orenoque Amazone Orenoque Amazone
Sur un Voilier de Dix Metres
Dine, J.F.: 1995 France, softcover 301 pages, with photos. With text and autograph of the author Dine. ISBN 9782950930101 In very good condition
€20.00 *
Ocean Pioneers Ocean Pioneers
Das, Robert: Enkhuizen 2008 Dokmar, hardcover 144 pages. (Early) Ocean Pioneers is a richly illustrated book of true stories about yachtsmen. oscillating between daring and madness. A joy to read and pour over, brimming with cut-away...
€19.50 *
Suche Schiff, Egal Wohin Suche Schiff, Egal Wohin
Eine ungeplante Weltumseglung
Burkhardt, S: 2007 Delius Klasing, hardcover with dustjacket 299 pages, with photos ISBN 9783768818513 In very good condition. German Language
€14.50 *
Eine Frau, Ein Boot und der Pazifik Eine Frau, Ein Boot und der Pazifik
7000 Kilometer von Peru nach Tahiti in 73 tagen
Fontenoy, M: 2006 germany, softcover 136 pages, with photos. ISBN 9783894052805 In very good condition. German language
€10.00 *
The life and voyages of Captain Joshua Slocum The life and voyages of Captain Joshua Slocum
Slocum, Victor: 1952 London, hardcover 325 pages, illustrated. In good conditon
€21.50 *
The Cruise of the Alerte The Cruise of the Alerte
In Search of Treasure. The Nautilus Library
Knight, E.F.: 1929 UK, hardcover 255 pages, with map of Trinidad Island. In good condition
€15.00 *
105 Jours en Solitaire 105 Jours en Solitaire
Livre de bord & Chroniques a terre
Augain, C: 1997 Paris, hardcover 187 pages, illustrated ISBN 9782207246054 In very good condition. French language
€14.50 *
Down the Hatch Down the Hatch
Tyrrell, J: 1993 UK, softcover 231 pages, illustrated ISBN 9780952074717 In good condition
€14.50 *
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