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Sealink Memories Sealink Memories
Hendy, J. and J. Merrigan: 2011 Ferry Publications, softcover 128 pages, with many photos. Collected stories. ISBN 9781906608422 In very good condition
€25.00 *
Island Lifeline Island Lifeline
Chapell, Connery: 1980 Prescot UK, hardcover with dustjacket 173 pages, with photo's. Marks the 150th anniversary of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Co. Ltd. ISBN 090131420x
€19.50 *
Thames coast pleasure steamers Thames coast pleasure steamers
Thornton, E.C.B. Thames coast pleasure steamers, 1972 Lancashire, 39 Blz., Oblong size, 49 Pages (a)
€17.50 *
P and O The Fleet (diverse years) P and O The Fleet (diverse years)
€ 6,50 each
P and O: Ferry Publications UK, softcover full-colour, with the ships in service. In good condition We can deliver 1985 and 2008 (during ordering fill in the year you want)
€6.50 *
Lymington-Yarmouth Lymington-Yarmouth
The New Generation- Wightlink
Hendy, John: 2008 Ferry Publications, softcover 48 pages. History and new ships. ISBN 9781906608019 In very good condition
€10.00 *
Red Funnel Red Funnel
A Pictorial History
Archbold, M: 1997 Red Funnel UK Southampton, softcover 56 pages, with photo's. History of this Ferrie-Company settled in Southampton
€10.00 *
The Manxman story The Manxman story
Danielson, Richard: 1983 prescot. The manxman was a ferrie of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company. It served from 1955 to 1982. This is a small publication of 30 pages.
€8.50 *
Fishguard Rosslare Fishguard Rosslare
Cowsill, M: 1990 UK, softcover 48 pages, history of the service and her ships (sealink), with photos. In very good condition
€7.50 *
Sally Ferries Sally Ferries
Author unknown: 1990 UK, softcover 48 pages. History of the fleet, with photos. In very good condition
€10.00 *
Royal Road to the Isles Royal Road to the Isles
150 Years of MacBrayne Shipping
McCrorie, Ian: Caledonian MacBrayne 2001 UK, hardcover 189 pages, with many photo's. Present- and Historical fleetlist. In very good condition
€20.00 *
Passenger Steamers of the Glasgow & South Western Railway Passenger Steamers of the Glasgow & South...
Wilson, R: 1991 Cornwall, softcover 96 pages, many photographs and background information, with index
€19.50 *
North West Steamships North West Steamships
Paget-Tomlinson, E: 1980 Isle of Man, softcover 87 pages, history of the services and ferries in the Irish Sea. In good condition
€12.50 *
West Coast Steamers West Coast Steamers
Duckworth and Langmuir, third edition 1966, hard-cover with dustwrapper, 206 Pages, index and information about all ships of earlyer days, with photo's (a)
€27.50 *
Steamers of the Forth Steamers of the Forth
Ian Brodie: 1976 UK, bound with dustwrap 168 pages. History of the Ferries on the River Forth in the UK. With appendix of Companies and fleetlist of the Vessels
€10.00 *
Steamers of the Forth Volume 1 Steamers of the Forth Volume 1
Ferry Crossings and River Sailings
Brodie, I: 2004 UK, softcover 48 pages. Photobook with text. Edinburgh Forth. ISBN 9781840333077 In very good condition
€12.50 *
Brochure Red Funnel Steamers Brochure Red Funnel Steamers
Red Funnel: 1952 UK, softcover 28 pages, with a fleetlist and other activities
€20.00 *
The Humber ferries The Humber ferries
D Orly, Alun A.: The Humber ferries, 1968 Knaresborough, 75 pages .
€14.50 *
Ships of the isle of Man Steam Packet Company Ships of the isle of Man Steam Packet Company
Henry, Fred: 1973 Glasgow, 66 pages, small well detailed book. In good condition
€5.00 * €9.50 *
Early Solent Steamers Early Solent Steamers
A History of Local Steam Navigation
O'Brien, Capt. F.T.: 1973 UK, gebonden met papieromslag 248 blz.. De vroege passagiersvaart rond het eiland Wight (The Solent), met lijsten en foto's ISBN 0715356542
€19.50 *
Severn enterprise Severn enterprise
The story of of the old and new passage ferries crossing the Severn near...
Jordan, Christopher: 1977 Devon, 112 pages., illustrated
€25.00 *
MacBrayne Steamers MacBrayne Steamers
Deayton, Alistair: 2001 UK, softcover 160 pages. The ships of this company who sailed on the westcoast and the islands of Scotland from 1851 till now
€12.50 *
Steamers of the Clyde Steamers of the Clyde
Stromier, G. and John Nicholson: 1967 Glasgow, softcover 56 blz.. De veerboten afgebeeld en beschreven
€14.50 *
The Clyde Passenger Steamers The Clyde Passenger Steamers
Davies, Kenneth: 1980 UK, bound 280 pages. From every vessel detailed information and history, with photographs. In very good condition
€19.50 *
The Portsmouth-Ryde passage The Portsmouth-Ryde passage
Mackett, John: The Portsmouth-Ryde passage,a personal view, The ferrie sevices from Portsmouth, 1970 Wootton Bridge, 62 pages.
€14.50 *
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