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The ATF Contenders, YF-22 & YF-23 The ATF Contenders, YF-22 & YF-23
Air Superiority into the 21st Century
Sun, A: 1991 Concord Hong Kong, softcover 58 pages, illustrated. Photobook with details. ISBN 9623610203 In very good condition
€17.50 *
Republic's A-10 Thunderbolt II Republic's A-10 Thunderbolt II
A Pictorial History
Logan, Don: 1997 Schiffer Publishing USA, hardcover with dustjacket 240 pages, with photos and illustrations. ISBN 0764301470 In very good condition
€29.50 *
Grumman f-14 Tomcat Grumman f-14 Tomcat
Shipborne Superfighter
Lake, J: 1998 Aero Space Publishing London / USA, hardcoverwith dustjacket 224 pages, with photos and illustrations. All about this plane, standardwork ISBN 1874023417 or 1880588137 In very good condition
€35.00 *
Chronik Eines Flugzeugwerkes 1932-1945 Chronik Eines Flugzeugwerkes 1932-1945
Blohm + Voss Hamburg und Hamburger Fluzeugbau GMBH
Pohlmann, H: 1979 Motorbuchverlag Stuttgart, hardcover with dustjacket 245 pages, with photos. ISBN 387943624x In good condition. German language
€27.50 *
75 jaar Nederlandse Luchtvaartuig Registers1920-1996 75 jaar Nederlandse Luchtvaartuig...
Dekker, Herman: Eindhoven 1997, hardcover met papieromslag 400 blz.. Het complete Nederlandse register door de jaren heen, vanaf 1920. Ruim 7700 luchtvaartuigen komen aan bod, inclusief reserveringen, kandidaten, testregistraties en...
€45.00 *
Research and Experimental Aircraft Research and Experimental Aircraft
Janes Pocket Book 12
Taylor, J.H.: 1976 Janes USA, softcover 259 pages. All the airplanes with photo and specifications. ISBN 0356084051 In very good condition
€20.00 *
Dutch Wrecks and Relics Dutch Wrecks and Relics
A Survey of prereserved, stored, instructional and derelict aircraft in the...
Zwakhals, W: 1984 Airnieuws, softcover 98 pages, with photos. In very good condition
€15.00 *
Messerschmitt Bolkow Blohm Messerschmitt Bolkow Blohm
MBB Flugzeuge 1913-1978
Ebert, H.J.: 1979 Stuttgart, hardcover with dustjacket 252 pages. All the airplane types in detail, with photo, history and specifications ISBN 3879432929 In good condition. German language
€25.00 *
Das Waffen Arsenal Band 24 Das Waffen Arsenal Band 24
Focke Wulf FW190
Campbell, J.L. and D. Greer: 1976 Podzun Pallas Verlag, softcover 48 pages, with many photos and detailed information. ISBN 3790900451 Included the poster. In very good condition
€12.50 *
Hercules 2000 Hercules 2000
The Worlds Airlifter
Francillon, R.J.: 1992 Lockheed, hardcover 50 pages. The C-130 Hercules and her variants, with many photos and plans of the plane. Also use. In very good condition. Lockheed publication
€45.00 *
Map with 20 photos Archivo Fotografico Piaggio Map with 20 photos Archivo Fotografico Piaggio
Piaggio: Ca. 1990 Italy. Map of Piaggio with 20 photos of Airplanes of Piaggio in history. Photos 24x17 cm with PIaggio logo on the back of each photo. In good condition
€45.00 *
Yuri Gagarin Yuri Gagarin
The First Cosmonaut
Russia: Novosti Press Moscow, softcover 40 pages. Photobooklet with text. In very good condition. English language
€35.00 *
Nederlandse Militaire Luchtvaart in beeld deel 1 (1913-1940) Nederlandse Militaire Luchtvaart in beeld deel...
Hooftman, H: 1977 Zaltbommel, hardcover 155 blz., fotos met begeleidende tekst. ISBN 9028800573 In zeer goede staat
€17.50 *
Ed Heinemann Ed Heinemann
Combat Aircraft Designer
Heinemann, H. and R. Rausa: 1980 Naval Institute Press USA, hardcover with dustjacket 277 pages, with photos and plans of the aircrafts, with index. ISBN 0870217976 In very good condition
€35.00 *
Flying Witness Flying Witness
Harry Harper and the golden age of aviation
Wallace, Graham: London Putnam 1958, hardcover with dustwrap 272 pages, with photo's. Aviation seen in the period of 1906-1914 by Harry Harper, the first aeronautical correspondent. New stock, good condition
€16.50 *
Schwanzlose Flugzeuge Schwanzlose Flugzeuge
Ihre Auslegung und ihre Eigenschaften
Nickel, K. and M. Wolfahrt: 1990 Birkhauser Basel, hardcover 616 pages, illustrated. Technical book about Airplanes without a tail. ISBN 376432502x In very good condition. German Language.
€60.00 *
B-52 Stratofortress B-52 Stratofortress
The complete history of the worlds longest serving and best known bomber
Yenne, B: 2012 Zenith Press, hardcover with dustjacket 192 pages, with many photos and illustrations. ISBN 9780760343029 In very good condition
€24.50 *
Map with 12 photocards of Gerhard Fieseler Werke Kassel Map with 12 photocards of Gerhard Fieseler...
Gerhard Fieseler Werke: Kassel ca. 1942. Special photocardholder of Fieseler Aircraft with 12 promotion photocards on heavy paper with photos of the Fieseler Storch and the Fieseler 167. On the photos also Adolf Hitler with Herman Goring...
€350.00 *
Operating Manual Piper Tomahawk Operating Manual Piper Tomahawk
FAA Approved Airplane Flight Manual
Piper: 1978 USA, softcover ca. 230 pages, illustrated. Type PA-38-112. In very good condition
€45.00 *
McDonnell-Douglas F/A-18 Hornet McDonnell-Douglas F/A-18 Hornet
A Photo Chronicle
Holder, B. and M. Wallace: 1997 USA, softcover 77 pages. Photobook with detailed information. ISBN 9780764302435 In very good condition
€25.00 *
Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit
An Illustrated History
Holder, B: 1998 USA, softcover 76 pages. Photobook with detailed information. ISBN 0764305913 In very good condition
€25.00 *
McDonnel-Douglas F-15 Eagle McDonnel-Douglas F-15 Eagle
A Photo Chronicle
Holder, B. and M. Wallace: 1994 USA, softcover 88 pages. Photobook with details. ISBN 0887406629 In good condition
€25.00 *
F-15C/E Eagle Units of Operation Iraqi Freedom F-15C/E Eagle Units of Operation Iraqi Freedom
Osprey Combat Aircraft 47
Davies, S: 2004 Osprey UK, softcover 96 pages, with photos and detailed illustrations of the plane. ISBN 9781841768021 In very good condition
€17.50 *
McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle
Koku-Fan Illustrated No. 67
Nagkubo, H: 1992 Tokyo, softcover 125 pages. Photobook wit Japanese text and also some English text. Photos of the plane in all her variations, weapons etc.
€25.00 *
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