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American Indians from Suriname American Indians from Suriname
A Physical Anthropological Study
Tacoma, J.: 1963 Utrecht, hardcover 180 blz. + 20 plates complete. In good condition
€26.00 *
De Bare'e sprekende Toradja's van Midden-Celebes (3 volumes) De Bare'e sprekende Toradja's van...
Adriani, N. en A.C. Kruijt: 1912+1912+1914 Batavia, hardcover 426+468+717 blz.. Deel 1, Het volk en haar geschiedenis, deel 2, Levenswijze en cultuur, deel 3, de taal van de Toradja's, met uitvouwbare kaart van de taalgebieden binnen het...
€350.00 *
The Beothuk of Newfoundland The Beothuk of Newfoundland
A vanished people
Marshall, I: 1989 Newfoundland Canada, softcover 45 pages, illustrated. ISBN 9780920911181 In very good condition
€14.50 *
Region, Nation, Heartland Region, Nation, Heartland
Utar Pradesh in Indias Body Politic
Kudaisya, G: 2006 New delhi, softcover 471 pages ISBN 9780761935469 In very good condition
€27.50 *
Sur les Pistes De Loubangui-Chari Au Tchad 1890-1930 Sur les Pistes De Loubangui-Chari Au Tchad...
Le Drame du Portage en Afrique Centrale
Mollion, P: 1992 Harmattan Paris, softcover 272 pages. ISBN 2738407854 In very good condition. French Language
€37.50 *
Die Tegrenna-Frauen in Eritrea Die Tegrenna-Frauen in Eritrea
Kemink, F: 1991 Franz Steiner verlag Stuttgart, softcover 214 pages. ISBN 3515054251 In good condition
€60.00 *
Subject Lessons Subject Lessons
The Western Education of Colonial India
Seth, S: 2007 Durham and London, softcover 264 pages. ISBN 9780822341055 In very good condition
€20.00 *
New Panchayati Raj New Panchayati Raj
a functional analysis
Singh, R: 2000 New Delhi, hardcover with dustjacket 259 pages. ISBN 812610628x In very good condition
€95.00 *
le Politique dans L histoire Touaregue le Politique dans L histoire Touaregue
Claudot-Hwad, H: 1993 France, softcover 153 pages. In good condition
€25.00 *
British Paramountcy in Rajputana British Paramountcy in Rajputana
Kumar, Dr. Vijay: 1991 India, hardcover with dustjacket 211 pages. In good condition
€25.00 *
How Belgium Colonized The Mind of the Congo How Belgium Colonized The Mind of the Congo
Seeking the memory of an African people
Spaas, L: 2007 New York, hardcover 236 pages, with photos. ISBN 9780773451674 In very good condition
€225.00 *
Le Voyage du prince Albert au Congo en 1909 Le Voyage du prince Albert au Congo en 1909
Vandewoude, E: 1990 Koninklijke Academie voor Overzeese Wetenschappen Brussel, softcover 47 pages. In good condition. French language
€20.00 *
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