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Greyhounds of the Sea Greyhounds of the Sea
The Story of the American Clipper Ship, third edition
Cutler, Carl C.: 1984 USA, hardcover with dustjacket 688 pages, illustrated and with 500 Sailing Records. ISBN 0850597285 In good condition
€55.00 *
The Twilight of Sail The Twilight of Sail
Knox-Johnston, Robin: 1978 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 192 blz.. Photobook of the Full-Rigged Sailing Ships in the late 19th Century and the working and living aboard. With the text of Knox-Johnston. ISBN 0283983426 In very good condition
€24.50 *
Before the wind Before the wind
The Saga of the Star of Greece, tracing the impact on a small community and...
Sexton, Rae: Adelaide. 1982, Australasian Maritime Historical Society. Hardcover 110 Pages with 1 map, 17 photos and drawings. No 124 of 445 copies. Signed by author. Construction plans rigging plans of the Star of Greece. Sketches...
€19.50 *
The Merchant Schooners The Merchant Schooners
Greenhill, Basil: 1988 Conway, hardcover with dustjacket 310 pages, with photo's, plans and ship index. The story of the small merchant sailing ships of England and Wales in the years from 1870 to 1940 ISBN 085177475x In very good condition
€22.50 *
Tall Ship to America Tall Ship to America
Log of the Christian Radich
Thorsen, K: 1980 Norway, hardcover with dustjacket, with many photo's. The voyage from Norway to the USA told by the Captain.Celebration 150 years Norwegian emigration to America ISBN 0890960968 In good condition. Tallship windjammer
€14.50 *
The Grain Races The Grain Races
The Baltic Background
Greenhill, B. and J. Hackman: 1986 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 190 pages, with many photos and fleetslist. The Grainrace between 1928-1939 and the Gustaf Erikson Fleet. ISBN 0851774156 In good condition. Windjammers, Sail, Clippers
€29.50 *
Een ster om op te sturen Een ster om op te sturen
De laatste eeuwen van de vierkant getuigde schepen
Kuipers, Jan J.B. e.a.: 1995 Pirola, hardcover 136 blz., met veel afbeeldingen. Geschiedenis van de vierkant getuigde schepen. ISBN 9064551979 In goede staat
€17.50 *
The Chatham Directory of Inshore Craft The Chatham Directory of Inshore Craft
Traditional Working Vessels of the British Isles
Greenhill, B. and J. Mannering: Chatham Publishing London 1997, hardcover with dustjacket 239 pages. Reference of 200 types of Inshore Craft. Fishing Vessels, Merchant trade under Oar or Sail around the Cosats of the British Isles. With...
€45.00 *
Met de groeten uit Riga Met de groeten uit Riga
Herinneringen aan de Oostzeevaart
Hachmer, Hendrik: 2007 Assen, softcover 184 blz., met foto's. ISBN 9789077548509 in mooie staat.
€16.50 *
Smacks and Bawleys Smacks and Bawleys
Leather, J: 1991 Lavenham UK, hardcover with dustjacket 148 pages. History, types, use with photos and illustrations. ISBN 0861380797 In very good condition.
€32.50 *
Clippers Francais Clippers Francais
Briot, C. and J.: 1993 France, hardcover with dustjacket 466 pages, illustrated. Hystory of the French Clippers. ISBN 2903708460 In very good condition
€55.00 *
Sailing with Pride Sailing with Pride
Pease, G: 1990 Baltimore, hardcover 128 pages. Sailing and Building a Baltimore Clipper with many photo's ISBN 0962629901 In very good condition
€35.00 *
Gaffelschoner in Nord-und Ostsee Gaffelschoner in Nord-und Ostsee
Deutsche Kustenschiffahrt unter Segeln
Schaefer, U: 1990 Hamburg Ernst Kabel Verlag, hardcover with dustjacket 118 pages with photo's. ISBN 3822501247 in good condition
€24.50 *
Pamir Pamir
Die geschichte des untergangs
Dummer, Karl-Otto: 2007 Hamburg, hardcover 297 pages, with Photo's and Maps. In very good condition. German Language ISBN 9783892255567
€42.50 *
De wereldreizen van De Brik ''Doesborgh'' 1869-1872 De wereldreizen van De Brik ''Doesborgh''...
Kaap Hoorn Vereniging: De wereldreizen van De Brik ''Doesborgh'' 1869-1872 en van De Brik ''Accra'' 1873-1875, beschreven door gezagvoerder Maarten Spaanderman, 1998 uitgave Kaap Hoorn Vereniging 51 Blz. groot formaat. In zeer goede staat
€12.50 *
En sjogutt ser tilbake En sjogutt ser tilbake
Ditlev-Simonsen, O: 1943 Norway, hardcover 267 pages. Norwegian Language (A Seaman looks back)
€30.00 *
Handelshuset Thommesen-Smith 1883-1983 Handelshuset Thommesen-Smith 1883-1983
Rygene- Smith and Thommesen A.S.
Alhom, A and A. Vevsted: 1983 Norway, hardcover 319 pages, with photos and fleetlist of the sailboats they had as shipowner in earlier days. Norwegian Language
€45.00 *
Romeinse Barken, Sandalen en Feloeken Romeinse Barken, Sandalen en Feloeken
De zeilvaart op de Middellandse Zee
Haalmeijer, H. en D. Vuik: 2008 De Alk, softcover 224 blz., met illustraties. Geschiedenis, gebruik en anatomie. ISBN 9789060132951 In zeer goede staat
€14.50 *
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