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The Fighting Ship in the Royal Navy 897-1984 The Fighting Ship in the Royal Navy 897-1984
Archibald, E.H.H.: 1984 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 416 pages, illustrated. The ships in detail with an detailed side profile drwaing. ISBN 0713713488 In very good condition
€24.50 *
War Speeches by Winston S. Churchill (7 volumes Complete) War Speeches by Winston S. Churchill (7 volumes...
Churchill: 1945-1946 Cassell London, hardcover, about 275 pages, each volume, with photos. 7th and last volume contents the secret session speeches of Churchill. Set in very good condition
€125.00 *
A Young Heart of Oak A Young Heart of Oak
Memories of Harry Stuart Boldero Lieutenant Royal Navy
Boldero, Harry, Stuart: 1892 Hodder London, hardcover 360 pages, with photos and illustrations. Diary, letters and reminiscences of a cadet who served diverse ships of the R.N. and traveled the world. He died ashore at Nova Scotia in...
€35.00 *
Dreadnought Dreadnought
Britain, Germany and the coming of the great war
Massie, Robert K.: 1992 Pimlico UK, softcover 1006 pages, with photos. ISBN 0712653686 In good condition
€17.50 *
County Class Cruisers County Class Cruisers
Shipcraft 19
Brown, Les: 2011 Seaforth, softcover 64 pages, with photo's, plans, illustrations, colourschemas etc. History, anatomy and development. Also for Modelling ISBN 9781848321274 In very good condition
€19.50 *
Warspite Warspite
From the serie Warships of the Royal Navy
Ballantyne, I: 2001 Pen and Swoard UK, hardcover with dustjacket 224 pages, with photo's. ISBN 9780850527797 In very good condition
€35.00 *
H.M.S. Rodney H.M.S. Rodney
Warships of the Royal Navy
Ballantyne, Iain: 2008 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 304 pages. Written history with photo's ISBN 9781844154067 In new condition
€39.50 *
Yesterday's Navy Yesterday's Navy
A Selection of Royal Navy Ship Histories of World War Two
Warlow, Ben: 2009 Maritime Books, hardcover with dustjacket 218 pages, with photo's ISBN 9781904459378 In very good condition
€19.50 *
Carrier Operations in World War II, volume I the Royal Navy Carrier Operations in World War II, volume I...
Brown, J.D.: 1968 Ian Allan London, hardcover 192 pages, with photos. The opearations in detail. In good condition
€16.50 *
Iraq campaign 2003 Iraq campaign 2003
Royal Navy and Royal Marines
Fox, Robert: 2003 UK, softcover 155 pages, with many photos. The Campaign in photos with text. ISBN 9780954597214 In good condition
€19.50 *
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Royal Navy Task Force 321.1 Royal Navy Task Force 321.1
A Gulf Record
Elliott, T.D.: 1991 Dubai, softcover 54 blz., beeldverhaal over de schepen en de acties, met begeleidende tekst
€16.50 *
The Victorian and Edwardian Navy from old photographs The Victorian and Edwardian Navy from old...
Fabb, J: 1976 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 124 pages, photobook with guided text ISBN 0713431229 In good condition
€17.50 *
The Sea Chaplains The Sea Chaplains
a history of the Chaplains of the Royal Navy
Taylor, G: 1978 Oxford Illustrated Press, hardcover with dustjacket 603 pages, with photos. ISBN 0902280562 In good condition
€15.00 *
The Sky Was Always Blue The Sky Was Always Blue
James, Sir William: 1951 Methuen London, hardcover with dustjacket 271 pages,with photos. Author fought in both World Wars, at one time working for Room 40 in 1917-18. Dustjacket with missing paper on the spine, otherwise good book
€20.00 *
The Mutiny at Invergordon The Mutiny at Invergordon
Edwards, K: 1937 Putnam UK, hardcover with dustjacket 425 pages. Some marks of use. In fair condition
€14.50 *
Blue Pencil Admiral Blue Pencil Admiral
The inside story of the press censorship
Thomson, Admiral G.P.: Ca. 1950 UK, hardcover 216 pages. No dustjacket. In good condition
€14.50 *
The Sinking of the Belgrano The Sinking of the Belgrano
Rice, D. and A. Gavshon: 1984 London, hardcover with dustjacket 218 pages, with photos and index. The sank of the Argentinian Cruiser Belgrano in the Falkland War. ISBN 0436413329 In very good condition
€14.50 *
Assault from the Sea Assault from the Sea
Maund, L.E.H.: 1949 Methuen London, hardcover 311 pages, with photos. The retired British Rear-Admiral discusses the history and development of the British Royal Navys landing craft, and in particular, landing operations during World War...
€55.00 *
Invergordon Mutineer Invergordon Mutineer
Wincott, L: 1974 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 183 pages, with index ISBN 0297767836 In good condition
€12.50 *
An Illustrated History of the Royal Navy An Illustrated History of the Royal Navy
Winton, J: 2000 UK,hardcover with dustjacket 224 pages, illustrated 223 pages, with index. ISBN 9781840652185 with name in book, otherwise very good condition
€20.00 *
The Cruiser Belfast The Cruiser Belfast
From the serie Anatomy of the Ship
Watton, Ross: 1985 Conway Maritime Press, hardcover with dustjacket 120 pages. Short History of the ship. With many detailed plans of everey aspect of the ship ISBN 0851773281 In good condition. Shipmodelling, scheepsmodelbouw, Naval
€24.50 *
Swordfish at War Swordfish at War
Harrison, W: 1987 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 128 pages, with many photos. History of this warplane used by the Royal Navy. ISBN 9780711016767 In fair condition
€17.50 *
Red Tobruk Red Tobruk
Memoirs of a World War II Destroyer Commander
Smith, F.G.: 2008 Pen and Sword UK, hardcover with dustjacket, with photo's. In very good condition ISBN 9781844158621
€19.50 *
D-Day Ships D-Day Ships
The Allied Invasion Fleet June 1944
Buffetaut, Y: 1994 Conway UK, hardcover with dustjacket 161 pages, with many photos. About the invasion and the ships. ISBN 9780851776392 Small marks of use, otherwise good
€24.50 *
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