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Lighthouses & Lightships Lighthouses & Lightships
Chadwick, L: 1974 London, hardcover with dustjacket 165 pages, with photos and illustrations. ISBN 0234775513 In very good condition
€14.50 *
A Light in the Darkness A Light in the Darkness
Boyle, M: 1999 UK, softcover 120 pages. The role of lighthousekeepers in the rescue of seaman. Some stories ISBN 9781901043126 In very good condition. Small publication
€14.50 *
De Vuurtoren van Texel De Vuurtoren van Texel
Diverse auteurs: Ca. 2000 Texel, softcover 26 blz., met fotos en illustraties. Eenvoudige uitgave over de geschiedenis van de vuurtoren van Texel. In goede staat
€10.00 *
Guide to Florida Lighthouses Guide to Florida Lighthouses
De Wire, Elinor: 1987 Florida, softcover 96 pages. About 30 lighthouses in Florida. History with photos. ISBN 0910923744 In good condition
€17.50 *
Vuurtorens Vuurtorens
Hoogstraten, Dorine van: 2000 Alphen a/d Rijn, hardcover met papieromslag 96 blz.. Overzicht van de vuurtorens in Nederland, met foto's, achtergronden en geschiedenis. ISBN 9061139147 In goede staat.
€10.00 *
Lighthouses of the South Lighthouses of the South
Your guide to the lighthouses of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina,...
Wire, E. de: 2004 USA, hardcover with dustjacket 160 pages, with many photos. The lighthouses in the South-East of the USA ISBN 9780896586031 In very good condition
€17.50 *
Scottish Lighthouses Scottish Lighthouses
Krauskopf, Sharma: 2001 Belfast, softcover 93 pages.. Overview of Scottish Lighthouses with their history, with many photos. ISBN 9780862818036 In very good condition. vuurtorens, lighhouses
€14.50 *
Rostocker Hefte 9, Leuchtfeuer, Tonnen und Baken Rostocker Hefte 9, Leuchtfeuer, Tonnen und Baken
Luttermann, H.J. and K. Steinbach: 1977 DDR, softcover 27 pages. About the Warnemunder Lighthouse and seabeacons, with illustrations.In good condition
€10.00 *
Feuerschiff Borkumriff Feuerschiff Borkumriff
Die interessante Geschichte des Nachrichtenwesens an der Kuste
Ulsamer, Gregor: 1988 Hamburg, hardcover 232 pages.. The history of this lightship, with divers illustrations and photos. Also about the history of lightships in general. ISBN 380071597x. In very good condition. German language
€20.00 *
Fyrene rundt Norges sydspiss Fyrene rundt Norges sydspiss
Kulturhistorisk veiviser til fyrene i Rogaland og Vest-Agder
Hansen-Ersland, B.A: 1999 Norway, hardcover 128 pages. History of the lighthouses of southern Norway, with many photos. Norwegian language ISBN 9788276342383 In very good condition
€25.00 *
Lighthouses of Nova Scotia Lighthouses of Nova Scotia
Stephens, D.E.: 1995 Lancelot Press Nova Scotia, softcover 77 pages, with photos. History of the Lighthouses ISBN 0889990271 In very good condition
€15.00 *
Hiddensee und seine Leuchtturme Hiddensee und seine Leuchtturme
Auerbrach, H. und H. Hardenberg: 1999 Hamburg, hardcover 11 pages, with many photos. The lighhouses on the island Hiddensee of Germany. History. ISBN 3884123157 In very good condition. German Language
€55.00 *
Lighthouses of North America Lighthouses of North America
Pickthall, Barry: 2004 Regency House Publishing, bound with dustwrap 448 pages, with index of lighthouses
€60.00 *
Tous Les Phares De France Tous Les Phares De France
De la Mer Du Nord a La Mediterranee
Gast, G: 1999 France, softcover 127 pages, with many photos of the lighthouses in France along the North Sea coast and the Mediterrenean coast, ISBN 9782737322945 In very good condition. French language
€19.50 *
Western Great Lakes Lighthouses Western Great Lakes Lighthouses
Michigan and Superior
Roberts, B. and R. Jones: 1996 USA, softcover 87 pages, with many photos, history and location map ISBN 9781564409546 In very good condition
€20.00 *
North Carr Lightship, a maritime experience North Carr Lightship, a maritime experience
Martin, P: ca. 1980 UK, softcover 20 pages, with photos. About the North Carr I and II. In good condition
€10.00 *
America's Lighthouses America's Lighthouses
An illustrated History
Holland, F.R.: 1988 UK, softcover 226 pages, with index of lighthouses. In good condition ISBN 048625576x
€19.50 *
Eastern Great Lakes Lighhouses Eastern Great Lakes Lighhouses
Ontario, Erie and Huron
Roberts, B. and R. Jones: 1996 USA, softcover 88 pages. The lighthouses of these lakes with photo and history. ISBN 9781564408990 In very good condition
€27.50 *
New England Lighthouses New England Lighthouses
Bay of Fundy to Long Island Sound
Roberts, B. and R. Jones: 2005 USA, softcover 102 pages. The lighthouses along these coast, with photo and history. ISBN 9781564409447 In very good condition
€16.50 *
Bermuda Light Bermuda Light
The Story of Gibbs Hill Lighthouse
Dolding, M: ca 1995 Bermuda, softcover 48 pages, illustrated. In good condition
€20.00 *
North Sea Lights North Sea Lights
Hahn-Pedersen, M: 2003 Denmark, hardcover 103 pages, with many photos. History of many North Sea Lightouses in different countrys. ISBN 8790982126 In very good condition. English language
€16.50 *
Norske Fyr Norske Fyr
Nasjonal verneplan for Fyrstasjoner
Author Unknown: 1997 Norway, softcover 147 pages. The Lighthouses of Norway. Every Lighthouse a photo, maps with locations, specifications and history. Norwegian language ISBN 8275740185 In very good condition. Norwegian lighthouses
€35.00 *
Deutsche Leuchtturme Deutsche Leuchtturme
Einst und jetzt
Zemke, F.K.: 1982 Koehler Verlag, hardcover with dustjacket 200 pages, with photos and illustrations. History of the German lighthouses, with detailed lists and a survey of lightships. ISBN 3782202767 In very good condition. German...
€17.50 *
Leuchtfeuer auf Arkona Leuchtfeuer auf Arkona
Rumler, K.H.: 1987 Berlin, softcover 113 pages, illustrated. In very good condition. German language. Vuurtorens, lighhouses
€20.00 *
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