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Pilots Pilots
Volume 2. History Schooners and Open Boats of the European Pilots and...
Cunliffe, T: 2001 France, hardcover 343 pages, richly illustrated. Very good condition ISBN 2903708916 in very good condition
€49.50 *
Die Lotsen Die Lotsen
Berater der Schiffsleitung
Frohling, Thomas: Koehler, softcover 103 pages, with photo's. History, practice and future. About the ships, the profession, work, workarea etc of the German Pilots in Nord- and Ostsee. German Language ISBN 9783782210782
€14.50 *
Geschichte der Lotsenbruderschaften an der Aussenweser und an der Jade Geschichte der Lotsenbruderschaften an der...
Spelde, G: 1985 Hauschild Bremen, hardcover with dustjacket 243 pages, with photos. History of the service and the history of the vessels. ISBN 3920699661 In very good condition
€19.50 *
Les bateaux-pilotes des cotes de France Les bateaux-pilotes des cotes de France
aux derniers jours de la voile
Amiet, M: 1991 Glenat Grenoble, hardcover with dustjacket 297 pages. History, photos, plans of the individual sailing pilotships. Also with 10 folding-out designplans of pilotships complete. ISBN 2723413284 In very good condition
€100.00 *
Seelotsen, geschichte der Lotsenbruderschaft Elbe 1575-1994 Seelotsen, geschichte der Lotsenbruderschaft...
400 Jahreim Dienste der Seeschiffahrt
Kuhne, K.B.: 1994 Cuxhaven, hardcover with dustjacket 210 pages, with many photos and illustrations. ISBN 3920709411 In very good condition
€25.00 *
Lotsenbruderschaft NOK II / Kieler Forde / Trave Lotsenbruderschaft NOK II / Kieler Forde / Trave
Ein geschichtlicher ruckblick zum 50-jahrigen Grundungstag der...
Drogemoller, R: 1972 Kiel/Holtenau, softcover 104 pages, with photos. In very good condition. German Language
€19.50 *
No Tides to Stem No Tides to Stem
A History of the Manchester Pilot Service in 2 volumes
Clulow, Derek A.: 1995 and 1998 UK, softcover 615 pages with photo's and Maps of the area. History of the Service, the Vessels and the Work. ISBN 0907768725 and 1901231062 Piloting, Loodswezen
€25.00 *
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