Sailing Through England

Seymour, John: 1956 London, hardcover 256 pages, with a photo of the ship and a map. Book  a bit weak in the hinges, otherwisde good. Sally and John Seymour had both seen a number of countries but practically nothing of their own. As for some years they had lived in a 34-ton Dutch sailing yacht they decided to dispel their ignorance of England by travelling round as much of it as they had time for in this vessel. Sailing Through England is an account of that voyage.Setting out from Portsmouth the Seymours would navigate the rivers and canals of East Anglia, the Midlands and the North, penetrating as far inland as Leeds and Bradford, finally crossing the country by a canal climbing right over the Pennine chain to Liverpool and the Irish Sea. Their account is both a vivid panorama of England"s contrasts and a fascinating exploration of a navigational challenge, and along the way a wealth of real-life characters are encountered and brilliantly described on the page, accompanied by Sally Seymour's delightful drawings.
Sailing Through England
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